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Dress, Miss Selfridge; Cardigan, Bess Clothing; Tights, Topshop; Necklace, Urban Outfitters.

I'm not sure why on one of the rare hot/warm days left in the summer, I decide to pick an almost entirely black outfit. And then a cardigan on top of that. Give me the autumn pleaseeee, preferably with minimal rain and maximum crunchy leaves! This is my favourite dress at the moment: panelled black and from Miss Selfridge, and is my favourite length! I paired it with a floral insert cardigan from Bess Clothing in Hong Kong, and a pair of patterned tights. Not sure how well floral and bows go but I like it. :)

Thought I'd also display my colourful matte nails ;) I'm really into my matte nails at the moment, and as Sarah (I think!) said, they chip a lot less than glossy nails, which is good because I'm the biggest klutz ever, and always chip my nails. I'm wearing (L-R):

  • Topshop Matte Nail Varnish
  • Barry M NP in Berry 308
  • Butter London Nail Lacquer in Yummy Mummy
  • Barry M NP in Blueberry 306
  • Barry M NP in Mulberry Pink
  • Topshop in Gone Fishing

Finally, I've been published over on Style Sample Magazine! I wrote an article about internships and helping to get into the industry. I'm hoping to contribute a lot more to other blogs, publications, etc. soon, so watch this space. I am absolutely loving Style Sample, they have some great reads, blogging tips, How-To's and more, so stop by and have a read if you have some time. I particularly liked this post about how to photograph certain objects!


  1. ooh i so wanna do multicoloured nails too now! i heart your cardi :)

  2. you look gorgeous!
    congrats on getting yourself published im off to looksie now xxxx

  3. Oh, this is lovely. I always have admired your tights. :D

    I really must get some of this nail stuff. You're always talking about it. haha

    You got published?? That is such exciting news! I'm so happy for you!

  4. i'm obsessed with this dress! i may just finally have to cave in and buy it as miss selfridge have free shipping all this week. how does it run? i'm usually a size 8.

  5. Well done on getting published, that's fantastic! Thanks for the tip about Style Sample as well.
    P.S. Do you have a close-up of the tights? They look so cute!

  6. well done, michelle, thats brilliant! : )

    and wow, your nails look darling!
    i've only just gotten back into painting my nails, but i deffo need to get some matte paints.. all mine are glossy, and just a bit too.. flaashy, haha.


  7. i love those tights, i had them and ruined them :(
    the topshop nail polish is super cute

    Eliza xxx

  8. Cute outfit and nails. Thanks a lot for doing that button for me :D
    Maddy xo

  9. emma: i love multicoloured nails, especially when i'm feeling indecisive! thank you sweet (:

    belle: thank you love! xxxx

    genny: thank you! i need to stock up tights, this pair are laddered at the back but i risked wearing them out anyway haha.

    sofia: free shipping?! *rushes off to shop* i wear a size 8/10, and this dress was an 8 and fits me really well! i'm about 5"1 though, so the dress may be on the short side for people taller than me!

    sanchia: thank you so much! ;D erm, i don't actually, i didn't take any close up shots today, sorry! ): i will probably post another outfit wearing them and will definitely shoot a close up for you!

    chloe: thank you! i go through phases with the finish of my nails, and just thought 5 colours as well as glossy was a tad ott!

    eliza: aw no ): this is probably my 3rd pair? i'm awful at keeping tights in good condition! primark have these for £2 a pair though which i've been buying and stocking up on!

    maddy: thank you doll! you're welcome, wasn't a problem at all! (:

  10. I have those tights!!! :)I love them so much. I really like this outfit and you have the cutest hair ever and you're so pretty :)

    I've never seen that Barry M Mulberry Pink shade before but it looks amazing!!!

  11. gem: so do i! i love patterned tights to jazz up a plain outfit! awee thank you so much, that's made me smile (:

  12. oh my, you are just the cutest! ♥
    i love your room! xxx

  13. gorgeous outfit!!! love your tights and dress, nice blog :) xoxo

  14. your look very chic and your nails make me wants sweets !

  15. the nails are lovely + congrats on being published.
    but what i'm really loving is your room! i have an obsession with decor right now as i'm moving house next week, and your room is beautiful! xoxo

  16. claudia: thank you! am just about to nosey around on your blog (:

    sara louise: thank you! haha they do really look like pick 'n mix!

    avs: thank you! aah where are you moving?! or this for uni?


  17. so cute, & i love your polish! especially mulberry pink and yummy mummy ^-^

  18. Hey lady,
    I found your blog through your story about interning in fashion in Style Sample & I'm so glad I did. Your style is so cute! I love that black dress.

  19. shelrose: thank you so much! am really loving butter london nail lacquers recently (:

    erica lee: thanks! glad you enjoyed the article, thank you for stopping by!


  20. very cute outfit! I love Bess clothing :) everytime I go back to Hong Kong I make sure I save a few pennies to spend there haha!


  21. emma: they have really nice clothes! i do also love going to all the side shops and getting the cheap $50 clothes too though! (:

  22. 3ate4: thank you hun! am following your blogs btw, really inspirational photos and beauty posts (:

  23. ooohh...I fell in love with this outfit! Your tights are so cute! great nails (:


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