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Top, Topshop; Bodycon Skirt, H&M; Tights, Miss Selfridge; Nails, Eyeko Rain Polish.

I had so much trouble with shooting this outfit! The majority of my photographs came out with me looking a bit pregnant, and my hands/arms were all over the shop for some reason! But about 50 photos later, here we are, and excuse my ridiculous facial expression in one of the photos hahaha (: This is the top that I wrote about in my last post, which received surprisingly mixed reviews! I wore it yesterday while babysitting and it is oh-so-comfortable yet quite chic at the same time I think.

The top is from my beloved Topshop, at a bargainous £16, and I'm definitely going back to see if it comes in other colours. I would really recommend purchasing in a size or two smaller though, because although clingy on the arms, it is quite baggy! Paired with my black bodycon skirt and a pair of patterned tights as per usual ;) I also have a leopard print clip in my hair, which hasn't shot well at all! Sad sad times, I blame the strange lighting in my room today!

If you have any post requests or questions for me in general, please send me them over Formspring or by email! I'm working on a blogging feature that I had suggested to me in my giveaway, but would love more requests so that the blog targets what you all really want to see. And finally: a big hello and thank you to the new followers! I've had a huge influx of new readers recently, and am so grateful to you all for linking to my blog etc.


  1. i really love this outfit.
    especially with the tiiights.<3

  2. Cute.

    It's so hard to get good pictures, I can completely relate.

    But these are great!

  3. Simple yet chic! :)

    Throw on a pair of workmen boots and a furry gilet and you will be ready for Autumn! xx

    love your outift as always pretty girl xx

  5. julianne: thank you!

    julia: thanks (: it's really hard to get decent photos at the moment because my camera is dodgy and i broke my tripod haha! things are working against me right now! have just been on your blog, its lovely! xo

    claire: i keep reaching for simple looks recently, i think it's more out of laziness than anything else :p ooh a furry gilet sounds so nice, i might have to keep my eye out for one!

    belle: yaaay ;) thank you muchly m'sweet! xxx

  6. agh I want those tights sooo much. The look is so pretty and also really relaxed and cool. You did well at Topshop :)

  7. You couldn't look pregnant if you tried! Thats such a cute top and I love how you paired it with the body con skirt :)

  8. i loooove topshop! the tights and jumper are both amazing!<333

  9. fashion limbo: i love them! they're knitted/crocheted kind of tights too so very warm and comfy!

    sofia: aw thanks haha (:

    *rachelwears: thanks sweet!


  10. Love the top, it goes great with the bodycon skirt! When I saw your profile, I saw that that you go to Southampton Solent! Me too!! I actually gasped when I saw it (is that weird?!) :P

  11. katie: thank you! ahh do you? that's so strange, what are you studying? (: rather be at solent... and all that jazz ;)

  12. I dig the over-sized tee... totally chic on you! And your hair is so cute!


  13. love topshops basics because they do each piece in tonnes of different colours! this looks lovely jubbly honey! xoxo avs

  14. I know right! I am studying Graphic Design, just about to enter second year! :)

  15. that colour really suits you

  16. melanie: thank you! i always end up rocking casual chic because im so lazy haha!

    avs: thanks chica! i always end up buying their basics in at least 3 colours each, oops! (:

    katie: aw niceee, im going into second year too!

    sara louise: thank you doll (:


  17. You look so cute! Love the top:)

  18. Thanks for the follow! :) I love this outfit :) xx

  19. The outfit looks so so cozy! I'm loving it!


  20. saw this in topshop just the other day and loved it! a great transitional piece.. the beautiful autumn colour with a laidback summer feel. loves it :) xx

  21. love and want this jumper! looks great on you but not sure i could pull it off unfortunately. just like the tights. nomnom :):) xx

  22. snap michelle! I've got this top in cream and grey :-) I love them and usually wear them off the shoulder which looks nice. We're gonna have to do outfit checks at the flat so we're not wearing it on the same day! haha xxx

  23. You look great, I love this outfit it's casual and chic at the same time and I totally agree with you about photo's I usually take about 30 and only get 3 good ones.

    Anyway I really love you blog so have joined your followers.

    If you get chance please check out my blog Thankyou xxx

  24. Love the top, such a great colour!

  25. FIRSTLY, i love ya all for the comments <3...

    jooann: thanks sweet!

    spookshowbaby: you're welcome, i'm loving your blog! thank you (:

    sophie: thank you, it is so comfy, perfect for lazy days in which are my current favourite thing haha

    lulu: its so crazily baggy i love it! how was leeds?!

    abby: i'm sure you could ;)

    rebecca: ahh have you?! haha yes we will (: i'm so excited to move in eee! xxx

    victoria: i take so many photos, when i post 4 it generally means it has been a good day for photos! (: am going to have a nosey at your blog in a minute! thanks so much for following x

    3ate4: thank you!


  26. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  27. anonymous: please email me at and we can discuss further! x


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