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My laptop appears to be working okay at the moment, although it is steadily getting warmer, so I'm going to make this a quick one! Hello outfit post :) New background which is my bedroom, for once! And no people around equals self-made tripod (today's is a stack of Gossip Girl books with hair wax tubs to secure in place!) I love how much natural sunlight my room lets in in the summer.

This is another way of wearing my trusty Topshop floral shorts. I honestly thought my shorts were a bad purchase when I got them last summer, but this is one of many ways to style these, see here and here for how I wore them last week! Also, my necklace is *drumroll* my own design! I'm currently making necklaces and bracelets to be sold at craft fairs around the ol' hometown, which is an exciting little venture.

Finally, before my lappie decides to die again, I passed my theory test this afternoon. :D Thank you to all the lovelies who Tweeted me earlier! Mucho excited and on the lookout for a worthy well-done-Mish present to myself :) I got 50/50 on the multiple choice, and 59/75 for hazard perception, which I'm really happy with.

What do you think of my mini-styling series? Should I include more of these how-to-wear-XX-in-5-ways posts?


  1. I've been trying to find shorts like these for aaaages and since we don't have any Topshops around here.... But I will keep looking! :D

    I would love to buy some of your own jewelry. Maybe you could sell them on your ebay account?

    Great job on passing! I knew you would get it the second time round. :D

    I just love your "how to do it" posts. I definitely think you should do more.

  2. Love the outfit :) thanks for the tag below, i'm currently doing atm

    Stacey xx

  3. i love all your outfits! you put them together so well. this one might be my fave :) x

  4. genny: i really love them because they're loose fitting and flattering (: i've just had a scout around and forever 21 have some similar styles like i will probably be starting with craft fairs, and then look to selling online when i'm more sure of costs etc. thank you! (:

    stacey: thank you! ooh i shall keep an eye out for it!

    alexandra: awee thank you sweet! <3

  5. I LOVE those shorts! Well done on your theory too! :)

  6. Oh so very pretty missy. And well done on passing your theory test doll. You will be motoring around before you know it :) xx

  7. congrats! lovely lovely shorts as well. your room is looking very bright and airy! worth sleeping in with your sister for?! haha xoxo

  8. donna: thank you! they're actually shorts though :O x

    emma jade: thank you hun!

    milly: thank you sweet, hopefully booking my test today - eek! am already excited for a car and driving away to places haha xx

    gabrielle: thank you :)

    avs: thanksss :) haha almost! although i didn't have to sleep with her yesterday! xo

    sara louise: thank you hun (:


  9. Wow those shorts are gorgeous! the print is lovely. Cute outfit! xoxo

  10. Thanks for the rec, love! I'll be sure to get these! <3

  11. pearlslaceandruffles: thank you hun! they're like a safe skirt haha! xo

    genny: you're welcome sweety! excited for your new blog if that's still happening!



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