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No outfit photo today, because I'm in T-shirt/shorts/tights attire today, and I don't want to bore you all with a relatively boring outfit! Instead, I Tweeted asking for requests, and Jess asked me to post a hair routine post, which I am going to attempt to tackle now. I never realised I used so much on my hair until I wrote this post. It's made me a little sad, as I had always prided myself on being a bit of a mess up and go gal! Ah well. I present you my 'daily' hair routine.

I honestly don't take... that good care of my hair. I never really blowdry or straighten my hair anymore, completely cutting out heated products on my hair, but it's more out of laziness than consciously keeping my hair in better condition! Still all good though! My hair is currently getting quite thick, and the layers are growing out like mad. I've resorted to trimming it little by little myself, it's so simple and freee! Oh, and I wash my hair every other day, btw. ;)

I'm currently washing my hair with Lush Big Shampoo. This is my second tub of the year, and at £9.90, it isn't cheap! After this tub is finished, I'm going to be trying out some Aussie products as recommended by Abby, because honestly, this makes my hair shiny and smell nice, but is really drying on my hair. ): I then follow it up with Lush American Dream, but I don't condition every time I shampoo for some reason. American Dream is a pretty good product, but again, I won't be repurchasing this, purely because it is quite pricey and I've really gone off the scent of it!

I've recently discovered Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Hair Mask, which I picked up in Tesco's for under £5! I cannot praise this enough. I use this 2 or 3 times a week, and leave it on for about 3 minutes? SO moisturising. Once I've used this, I sit and run my fingers through my lovely soft hair haha!

As I said before, I don't really use heated products on my hair anymore. My hair is naturally straight, with random kinks where I've had layers cut in, but it generally dries straight if I towel-dry it and them comb through with Sifone Hair Foam! I use a wide-tooth comb and comb through while my hair is drying so it stays straight.

Then, I use Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax in Grunge Matte or Sebastian Crude Clay to mess up my layers. I literally use the tiniest amount, warm it up in between my fingers and ruffle(?) the layers, teasing it to look tousled and a kind of bedhead look. I set it all with Gatsby Styling Mist, and then clip up some of my hair at the side to make it look as if it's been backcombed, and to give it all some volume. ;)

Et voila! Schimples!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the mentioned products, all products were bought with my own money, and I have not been sponsored, etc. for this little post!


  1. Thankkk yooou ! ahahahahhaa

    this is really helpful cos i always have a fairly ok haircare routine.. but then when summer comes i have so many lazy days i just forget what to do :|.


  2. Your hair looks amazing... and so natural! * ^ *
    I would've never guessed you're wearing any products on it!

    I use that exact same Herbal Essences shampoo line, too! It smells so delicious! * ¬ *

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  3. i adore your sunglasses! cute style, chica.

  4. Jessica: You're welcome! Was actually quite fun to write! Ahh my hair is mental in the summer because I get so lazy! x

    Orphin Lasz: Thank you! I try to keep it looking natural because I hate overstyled hair generally (: Mm it smells gorgeous and coconut-y! x

    A: Thank you lovely! x

  5. aww thanks :) great tips and a really simple routine! i'm defs going to try that herbal essences hair moisturiser now.. my hair is all crispy and dry from buying a really stripping shampoo (the vitamin c clarifying tresemme one.. only for really dirty hair days i think!)


  6. Great thanks for this post! I don't put many things on my hair either but I'm curious what other women have to spend for their hair. :)


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