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Jumper, Illustrated People @ Topshop.

Today went surprisingly quickly! I had planned for this to be an outfit post, but that didn't quite work out because by the time I got home, the light had all disappeared from my usual photo taking spot. After a nightmare situation in the morning with countless cancelled and delayed trains, and then delayed tubes, I finally made it to work... 20 minutes late. ): I really hate being late for anything, because it just makes me feel unprepared and unorganised which I hate! I met the other Eyeko intern today, Vicky, who is really sweet!

I spent the first part of my day emailing sponsors and companies as preparation for an event we're currently working on, which is always exciting! Then I prepared some product mail-outs again, which I am getting very speedy at ;) I'm finally getting into the swing of things a bit! I then just helped with odds and ends, updating the press & blogger database and then our Internet went down! Which was seriously annoying because we all needed to access our emails and the database system to do any kind of work.

I have scheduled some 'normal time' posts for the next few days, as I'm going to be seriously busy with packing for the move into the new flat with the girls. I haven't done so much as retrieve my suitcase from the loft, let alone work out what I need to take. Bleugh, packing = ): Also, thanks for the seriously sweet Formspring questions and comments today, made me smile lots!


  1. It's great that you keep us informed on your internship! It sounds super interesting ^^

  2. love these posts :)
    and good luck with the packing and moving!! xx

  3. Hi! Your about me caught my eye because of Harry Potter! I love to find other hp lovers around the blog world! nice to e-meet you!

  4. good luck with the move! i can't wait to be back down in southampton fulltime! xoxo avs

  5. love this. nice to have a different sort of outfit post with more of your face ;)

    love that you're having such a good time at eyeko! they seem like a lovely company :)

    it's like that at my work when the internet goes down.. i mean how are we supposed to work on client websites! always bt's fault too..

    now hurry up & pack and get your ass down here so we can go shopping! :D xx

  6. you look really cute in this photo! love your hair.
    you're so lucky to be an Intern, good on you lovely xxx

  7. gaby: i love keeping my followers informed of things, so it made sense to talk about my internship a bit because i do get a lot of emails about things like this! (:

    alexandra: thank you ever so much lovely! i'm yet to lift a finger with my packing which i am seriously going to regret on friday night! xx

    justinee: yay for HP fandom! nice to meet you too! p.s. how excited are you for the next film?! *squeee*

    alana: thank you! ahh same, i can't wait to get back into a normal routine again, normal meaning a 12pm wake-up and 4pm nap of course ;) are you sorted with your house yet?

    abby: thank you lovely! haha i shall feature my face in my posts i am sure ;) it is really friendly at eyeko, i'm loving it! going to be sad to leave next week ): ahh we're with BT as well, its so annoying! oh indeed! excited to see yo' faceee! xx

    tennille: n'aw thank you! genuinely have been cutting my own hair these past few weeks haha! thanks sweet (: xxx


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