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Cropped floral print top, Topshop; Shorts, DIY; Tights, Tesco; Nails, Barry M in Berry.

Today I went to see Inception with two of my friends.  I kind of went to the cinema not knowing what to expect because I'd only vaguely seen a trailer for Inception once, and it did look good, if not confusing. I'm not going to go into specifics about the film, as I am no film expert, so my opinions would be extremely nooby! Overall, I actually loved the film, I'm a sucker for a little bit of action and thriller in a film :) It was pretty confusing and kind of long, but all well worth it!

Onto what I am wearing then! Just a basic outfit, it was SO unexpectedly hot today! I was actually sat in my pyjamas until about 4pm, lazy as that does now sound... So yeah, a simple outfit for film-viewing ^_^ Excuse the dirty mirror also, haha! I thought it would be okay, but clearly not...!


  1. im going to see that film on wednesday:)
    glad you a giving it a good review
    i have that top too
    but mine went funny in the wash so i cut it up into more of a crop top

  2. so adorable with the tights doll.<3

  3. i love your haircut, so bold and reallly suits you :))

  4. You look super cute. i love how your blog is looking at the mo honey :)

  5. @Belle: Ah you'll love it :) It's quite complicated and gets confusing, Ellen Page is amazing in it. My top keeps going all stretchy, and it like expands in the wash?! I like it massive and baggy though ^_^

    @Julianne: Thank you m'sweet!

    @*rachelwears: Thank you! I'm having major issues with it at the moment though, my fringe is growing faster than the rest of my hair, and the more I trim it myself, the quicker it grows, madness!

    @cupcake_couture: Thank you (:

    @Milly: Aw thank you sweetness! Means a lot to me Milly, hope you are well! :)


  6. So cool
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  7. Just wanted to let you know I am having a contest for 6 M.A.C products.

  8. barry m berry *high five! ;)

    love this missus xx

  9. @abbzzw: Indeedio ;) Thank ya sweet xxx


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