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This week's Wednesday Want is hopping on the blogging bandwagon a tiny bit. The Primark A/W 2010 lookbook was released this week, and surprisingly, it was mostly really nice! Even with many other similar posts, I did think it was 'special' enough to dedicate my Wednesday Want to it.

Obviously, the quality of all of these items will not be as good as Topshop, but the prices are incredibly reasonable for pieces that are really on-trend, compared to the other Primark pieces. The jacket is absolutely darling, I've been hunting for a decent shearling trim jacket for a while now (Burberry A/W 2010 anyone?!) For £23, I think that there's a possibility it'll be a non-plasticy feeling piece too, but we shall see.

The military dress is so pretty. Something like this would be about £38 in Topshop! I'd wear it with a huge chunky cardigan and belt to cinch it all in. And finally, the fairisle jumper... Well, we'll see when it comes out! I've wanted once since I saw them popping up left, right and centre in magazines, but I just don't know if I can pull it off. I'd probably stick to the snood on top of lots of layered knits, which is my staple look in the autumn/winter! Lots of greys, creams and black! :)

Have you seen the Primark collection yet? What are you planning to wear in the autumn?


  1. I can't wait for these to hit the shops! I love the military dress too & i really want to try a snood, so for £4 how could i say no?! Love your posts! xx

  2. @Teresa-Rosa: As far as I know, half of the collection is coming in August and the rest in September, so keep your eyes peeled! :) Thank you so much, that always means a lot when people so that to me! xxxx

  3. I LOVE that jacket! Do you know when the collection is released in the shops? I'm gunna have to get down to my local one pronto!

    Stacey xx

  4. @StaceySparkle: The jacket is probably going to be my main autumn jacket, depending on the material quality! Half in August and half in September as far as I know! Still jealous of your huuuuge Bristol one! xxxx

  5. I saw the collection last night ahh makes a change for Primark to have such really nice things :) My favourite is the outfit on the far right and the snood.

  6. Love the military dress... looks amazing and i really like the boots!

    The jumper is cool, i doubt i could pull that off though!

    lovely post! x

  7. I really want to love Primark but I just can't... the lines at the till are just too much :(

    great blog! very inspiring

    follow me too :)

  8. @Carina: It does, doesn't it? I'd say about 80% of it would happily make its' way into my wardrobe if I had the money to!

    @Georgie: The boots are so pretty, I have issues with Primark shoes though haha, so I'll probably invest in a more durable pair that are similar.

    @mythology20: Oh God I know what you mean! I find at certain times throughout the week, about 2pm is a good time to shop in Primark, other than that, it is absolute carnage. Thank you sweet! :)



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