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Another little wishlist of mine! My last wishlist collage went down a storm, so I'll be making this more regular, online window shopping is a favourite pastime of mine, as I'm sure is the same for many of you! I've developed a bad habit of browsing on websites and mindlessly adding hundreds of items into my basket recently... and never getting round to buying them.

I finally took the plunge and went to order my Lily Jersey dress, from a previous wishlist, and just my luck - it was sold out in my size! Just as I get paid... Am extremely tempted to spend that £30 on a slightly cheaper dress, the Daisy Print Zip Bandeau dress from Topshop. I believe it befits my blog well enough! ;) Any excuse to shop...!

Also, just a little mention, I am now at 250 lovely followers and over 20,000 views since the end of February! Thank you all so much, it means a lot to me :) I do read all of your comments and try to reply to them all, although Blogger has been strange this week and has been deleting comments sporadically?! I hope you're having wonderful weeks so far. :) I shall be spending the rest of mine drinking copious amounts of coffee and Vimto (not together!) and revising for my car theory test next week - eek!


  1. i love how you've laid this out!! did ya do it yourself? also the dress is cute :) xx

  2. Thank ya baby! :) Yeah did it myself, clearly have way too much time on my hands lately.. Need moneys so badly.. Are you paying the New York deposit tomorra? xxx

  3. Good choices.. I am loving strapless floral dresses for summer!


  4. Just wanted to let you know I am having a contest for 6 M.A.C products.

  5. yeeeppp! i'm waiting upon the email now :| i've been toying with the idea for ages but i just thought, money will be tight but it's do-able and i'll regret not going more than i will so i'm gonna go.. life's too short!! :) you deffo going? don't wanna be on me jone really :) xxxx

  6. i'm one of those people that never ventures into topshop because it's just too damn expensive for what it is.

    but only £25 for that floral dress?! i'll be going in this weekend! you may be turning me! xx

  7. @Melanie: So am I! I may invest in it, you could easily layer a strapless dress for the autumn :)

    @lulu: Same! I had second and third thoughts about it, but may as well go to be honest, probably wouldn't be able to go until after graduation if I don't go now! Yeppy am definitely going, we can get lost in New York Cityyy together!

    @abbzzw: Ugh I know, it's massively overpriced! I like to check eBay after having a browse on the site/in store :)


  8. I love how you have presented this! And everything is really cute! xxx


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