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As I'm sure many of you know, I am a fan of randomly deciding to stay up until stupid o'clock for no particular reason. Even when I haven't decided to do so, I can never seem to get to sleep easily at the moment. My lovely Mumma finally got sick of 1) seeing me look like a panda, and 2) hearing me complain about said panda eyes, and whisked me away to the Lancôme counter at John Lewis. :) I am a huge fan of Lancôme products, and I already have their gel foaming cleanser, as well as a moisturiser, and several sample sized products which the sales assistant gave me with this purchase.

The first thing I love about this product is its' gel consistency. Although the name states that it is a cream, I would class it as more of a gel, which is much more fitting for the product. It is nice and cool to the touch (provided you store it correctly), and is highly moisturising. I also love the pump! My last Lancôme eye cream was in a little tub, with a mini spatula, which was cute enough, but just not practical in any sense. The pump allows you to control exactly how much gel comes out. (not much is needed!)

It is also such good value for money in my opinion! A tiny teeny amount is required, any more and your eye area just looks greasy and over-moisturised! I know not many people are willing to fork out £30 for an eye cream, but this is really good quality and will probably last you a good 4-5 months. For all you eager bloggers, this is amazing to use to relieve stressed & tired eyes after an evening of blog reading after a day of work :)

Downfalls of the product? The only thing I would suggest as a downfall is the price. As I've mentioned, £30 isn't money you'll find lying around, the counter factor is that Lancôme quite often run offers and promotions, where you receive a range of products for the price of one, or that kind of thing.

RRP: £30.50 - 15ml

What eye gels and creams are you using at the moment? I'd love to hear from you :) Link me to your own posts/videos?


  1. im a fan of staying up ridiculously late too, i use clinique all about eyes rich (but im not sure if its THAT fantastic) but the best ever cover up is bobbi brown's corrector. seriously go look at it!

  2. very interesting post! i have to try lancôme products, they must be good, you blog already a few times about them!!
    i'm a big fan of nivea, i use use a lot of their skin care products. very good quality & affordable prices ;)

  3. These products which are used by you are very much effective for beauty care. Hence these must be used.


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