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Cardigan, Hollister; Leopard print satin top, Topshop; Denim cut-offs, DIY; Charm bracelet, Accessorize; Rings, Topshop and Rock 'N Rose.

So today's post was supposed to be another of my Friday Favourites features, but I've spent my entire day with my notebook in front of me, and I just haven't had any inspiration or ideas of things to squee about. Instead, I bring you another outfit post! :)

I'm actually on a spending ban until the end of the summer now, so everything I'm wearing is "old" and has been in my wardrobe for many a month. I hoard clothes if I find they're a good fit, simply because I'm so short (5"0 or 5"1!) and it is difficult to find things that fit my body length wise. I heart printed my nails this morning (again) after many failed attempts to do them last night. They're not perfect, but I like them, and so does my Granny! :) And despite me just having said I'm on a spending ban, I just placed an order for the 7 new Lush fragrances - so excited!

Finally, don't forget to enter my blog giveaway, it closes in just two days :)


  1. love your nails and cardy- soo cute!

  2. Love your nails!
    What's the mint nail polish? Ahah, I've been on the hunt for one.

    & that cardigan looks really snug :)

  3. @*rachelwears: Thank you! My nails are so messy at the moment though ): Must neaten them up soon, I have such shakey hands when it comes to nail "art". xx

    @Eva: Thank you ^_^ My nail varnish is 'Gone Fishing' by Topshop Make Up. And it is, it's my favourite cardigan by far! xx

  4. Love the outfit :) Spesh the cardigan!

    Stacey xx

  5. i really like your cardi!
    it looks so comfy and warm xxxx


  7. I LOVE your top and your nails! Your glasses are cute :)

  8. Your blog is BEAUTIFUL! I love your scrabble ring! xx

  9. Thanking you all girlies! *blushes*


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