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9:22am - Arrived at the more! offices 'early', only to be sent straight away to another photoshoot by Zoe. Pretty excited to work another shoot, sad that I don't get to plan a M&S lunch with Callie :(

10:23am - Finally make it to Holborn Studios after many complications involving press packages being veeeery slow in arriving to the courier room, and slow walking people on the Underground again.

10:25am - Start writing credits and styling accessories for what felt like hundreds of looks. Very impressed by the ridiculously huge collection of jewellery that has been delivered from ZPR, Primark and Accessorize. LOTS of adorable, brand spanking new pieces coming soon to Accessorize, by the way. :)

11:00am - Playsuit shooting is a wrap! Frantic change of hair and make-up; the MUA, Natacha, had a whopping 8 bags full of MAC Pro make-up and additional bags full of her brushes and other tools :O Thoroughly impressed!

1:25pm - LUNCH! Had a beautiful chicken and chirizo salad out at the studio restaurant by the canal :)

2:00pm - All operations are go, frantically trying to get through 6 waistcoat looks, a printed denim shot, and 10(?) skater skirt looks. Each look comprises about 60-70, or maybe more, shots, from which the stylist picks a few to take to the office.

3:14pm - Last minute steaming of skirts commences. SO HOT.

3:37pm - Lots of coffee, tea and chocolate is ordered in to the studio. Very hawt in the studio, despite many fans!

4:58pm - Everyone is feeling the tiredness and exhaustion and heat now. Everyone is demolishing the last of the chocolate bars and randomly trying on wedge boots (absolutely gorgeous pair from Primark!) and accessories galore.

5:17pm - IT'S A WRAP! Several hours of blood, sweat and tears, and 30 looks later, the More for Less photoshoot is done for the week :)

MFL in Numbers:
30 looks
12 coffees drunk
8 bags of MAC Pro products(!!!)
7 jugs of iced water
6 pairs of gorgeous wedge boots
6 iPhones and Blackberrys, routinely being checked!
5 times that Sarita attempted to curl her hair!
1 bumbag - you heard it here first :)
1 exhausted but rewarded intern (ahem, me...)

Photos from my Blackberry to come... bear with me, 'Halle' is being slightly temperamental again!

M x.


  1. sounds so much fun!!! bet your loving it!:D xx

  2. Sounds like you're really enjoying it! x

  3. That is so cool! Where were you an intern?

    Visit my blog to win a beauty loot:

    Cawaii Lover

  4. You are such a busy lady!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  5. lol well done on getting through the day! when is the magazine published with your shoot?

  6. Sounds like you've had an amazing if not stressful time!

    Stacey xx


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