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Firstly, a huge thank you for the feedback in my last post! It was great to see everyone's opinions on the bags. I am currently trawling through ASOS and other options of a cheaper Paul's Boutique bag, and debating whether to spend £60 on the Becky bag. I haven't bought a new bag in too long: watch this space! ;)

I mentioned in another recent post that I started watching another American TV show this week - Pretty Little Liars. I am a complete TV drama junkie, and function best when I have at least 5 series to watch on rotation in a nerdily organised weekly schedule!

(Click to enlarge for better quality and a larger image!)

Lucy Hale plays Aria Montgomery, one of the main characters in Pretty Little Liars. I love her quirky, rocker-esque outfits in the series, so obviously, I had a little scout around, and it turns out she has amazing personal style too! She seems to favour girly outfits with a very hard, rock edge, teaming everything with black accessories. I also noticed (although you can't see clearly in these photos) that she loves a mint green nail varnish - Revlon Minted anyone?! - wearing it every outfit shown! and double-finger rings.

Lucy is definitely one of my new style crushes, I love her ability to accessorise. What do you think of her style?


  1. Oh yeah i totally love her style too, i thought she was great in privilaged too. I have read the pretty little liars books they are great but not seen the tv show yet. You have such a fab blog!

  2. Oh i've not heard of that programme before but i am intrigued! Double Finger Rings are an absolute must these days! Wish i had my hands on the Forever 21 cross double finger ring!


  3. @Is This Real Life?: I haven't seen Privileged, have heard a lot about it though, so I might add that to my 'watching' list! I'm going to order the book series in once I get paid, I usually prefer books to TV shows/films, so Pretty Little Liars should be amazing as a book ;) Aw thank you so much, means a lot!

    @christinefong: You should definitely give it a whirl ;) I'm watching it on at the moment, not perfect quality but the series is so addictive! I'm not sure whether double finger rings would fit me, my hands and fingers are so small! I'm going to have a look on Forever 21 though, thanks for the tip :)



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