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In celebration of, and to thank you, for reaching over 200 lovely followers and dedicated readers of my blog, I am holding a giveaway/contest! I’ve spent quite some time gathering up some pretty goodies for this, and then realised it was all a bit of a mishmash, but again – isn’t that what Daisybutter is all about?! So this is my little way of saying thank you to you all, and hopefully things will just get better from here!

For one of the pieces, I teamed up with Rock ‘N Rose Jewellery and Emily has very kindly offered to donate a scrabble ring with the letter of your choice to my giveaway (not pictured). I have blogged about Rock ‘N Rose a few times, and they offer an adorable range of rings, necklaces and hair accessories. I’m sure many of you will agree with me, and I’m sure you’re all quite aware of my love for their scrabble ring ;)

As well as the scrabble ring, I had a little shop around in London and I will also be giving away a vintage garland from Sass and Belle. I purchased a bird peg chain in Sass and Belle a few weeks ago, and it proved to be very popular in my interiors posts. So this is your chance to get your hands on something similar!

Along with these, I am giving away a little Hello Kitty candy popper, which was a little bit too adorable to pass up in London’s Chinatown. I am a massive fan of Hello Kitty and Sanrio, so this was the perfect way to incorporate something I love with this giveaway. I have also included a Natural Collection Moisture Shine lipstick in Coral Shimmer, the perfect shade for the summer, and one of my favourite LUSH products of all time, the now discontinued (sob!) Candy Fluff Dusting Powder! Also included are some Cath Kidston bath salts :)

Finally, a giveaway is not a giveaway without some rules (unfortunately!), so to be in with a chance of winning, keep reading:
  • This giveaway is open internationally.
  • You must be a follower, as the giveaway is to thank my followers :)
  • I will be picking the winner on
  • To enter, simply comment this entry with what you like reading most on my blog (e.g. outfit pictures, fashion feature articles, trend reports, beauty reviews, etc.)
  • To gain an extra entry, in the same comment, tell me a suggestion or way to improve my blog!
  • For another extra entry, Tweet or blog about my giveaway and include a link in your comment.
  • Leave your email so I can get in contact with you if you win, or for anything else ;)
  • Contest ends on Monday 2nd August 2010, so all the lucky readers who are on holiday have a chance to enter ;)
Good luck and thank you so much for the follow, I honestly never expected so many people to be interested in my utterly random ramblings!

Also, to everyone who has commented and entered but cannot see their comment, I have logged your entries in my notebook, do not fret :) I changed my blog address and they disappeared!


  1. i loved reading your day by day working at more! magazine ..i loved the format that you wrote this is, making it easier to read:)
    i love it when you put up outfits and accessories that you have bought..especially when you are wearing them because then you can see what they would look like on. (not that im as thin- but for length purposes ;) )
    i also like reading your lush reviews because i love lush products and the way you describe them makes you want to buy them!!
    i always read your blog because the things you talk about usually interets me too:)

    i would say something for you to change but i honestly cant think of anything haha!

  2. Danni Huskinson5 July 2010 at 16:12

    I love your trend reports, definately a way to improve is to have more trend reports and also reviews on make-up! My e-mail address is

    eeek would love to win some of that stuff! loving the blog as always! xxxx

  3. Well done on over 200 followers!

    I really enjoyed your 'intern diaries' and I love your outfit posts!
    To improve your blog I'd like to see more 'day in the life' type posts like your intern diaries.

    Thanks lovely

  4. Oooh so many goodies :) what I like best about your blog is the quirky updates about your student life/work experience/shopping lusts they make me smile ever so much and as a suggestion I would Love to see you maybe do a Friday favourites because there's soooo many things you seem to enjoy doing/having/buying through the week :D
    Suzi from xxx

  5. oooooh a giveaway im excited:)
    you already know your outfit posts are my absolute favs
    you can improve your blog by doing a tonne of these
    oh and maybe you could include local events in herts or something, like vintage fairs and craft fairs and the like
    im thinking of doing that too:)

    belle x

  6. I loved reading about your internship at more! magazine.This is because one day I really hope to do the same and the tips you put at the end were amazing! I will definitely bare them in mind if I get a chance like you did!! I think that you could improve your blog by jazzing it up a little by maybe having a background or something?! M xo

  7. I think that your outfit posts are my favorite, but I actually also enjoy following your Twitter updates a lot! I'm not totally sure what you should do to improve your blog, but I always like it when bloggers show more photographs of their daily lives. It makes it more personal and interesting, but of course, if you're not comfortable with that, it's okay too :o)

    keitii [dot] keitii [at] gmail [dot] com

  8. I love looking at your OOTD posts :) Even if I don't have anything similar to what you're wearing in the picture, it gives me ideas on how I can adapt my own outfits, or what I want to buy to create that look! I love trying new styles and discovering styles.

    A suggestion would be every now and then post bargain haul posts? I know a lot of people, including me don't have too much money to spend on nice things, so when you get pretty clothes or accessories for cheap prices tell us :D Or compare designer clothes/jewellery for £££, to high street clothes/jewellery for a lot less. For instance I saw a Burberry coat for a LOT of money and then saw the exact same coat in new look a week later for £25!

    Winny. x

  9. aww yay a daisybutter giveaway :D that's so exciting! conrats on 200+ followers, sweety!

    my favorites are your outfit posts and also the style/ trend reports and of course the wish lists (love doing these too)!! but i also love looove reading your haul posts and internship posts! i think it's such a nice mix of real articles and fun/ life experience/ more personal posts!!

    maybe you could create and post graphics for others to use on their blogs as you like graphic design and you're so talented in it i think!! ;)

    Summer Claudia

  10. hello ! congrats on 200 followers :)
    my gfc name is evil_eva12 by the way.

    i love your fashion posts and haul posts because i simply love those two things in general! Hahaa.

    evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

  11. ee, this is so cool, michelle! :) you totally deserve every single one of your followers, plus a hundred more. <3

    favourite thing.. outfit of the day posts! you dress so cute, and chic, i love how you match up all these little things like i would have never thought to do, it's lovely little bits of inspiration. :)

    hmm.. improving your blog? it's already pretty lovely.
    maybe more photographs and things, from your day-to-day life, like pictures of things you saw/places you went, stuff like that. :)

    love, chloe! x

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. i only started following because it all looked so cutesy but you still liked Harry Potter,
    and then it all turned out to be a really good read!
    I've gotta say my favourite stuff is the varying styles

  14. I really love how passionate you are about everything you find. It really makes me believe that I could be reading an independent magazine.

    I also love when you post your daily outfits. It inspires my own sense of style and gives me ideas that I can use.

    There really isn't much to improve on, but I think it'd be cool if you posted music or book reviews, something that ties in with fashion.

    My email is

    Love, Genny

  15. I really loe your product reviews, they're really honest and well written. Also loved your 'intern diaries' - a brilliant read.

    there's not much to improve on, the blog is personal and true to your own tastes but maybe review things like books you read or movies you watched and enjoyed, its a great way for others to find out about cool new books/films etc that they might not have heard of otherwise.


  16. Congrats on getting 200+ followers.
    I enjoy your outfit posts the best :)

    My email addy -

    Goodluck Everybody

  17. hey! well done for getting 200 followers!! :) please enter me into this giveaway, it's soo good!!
    my blog is :)
    thank you! ells, xo

  18. Congrats! I'm a follower and I really like your OOTDs! and of course I like London posts! :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  19. I love reading your blog :)
    I really like the picture you've put up today onyour new post with the backs of a girls legs with bow tattoos ^_^
    could you tell me where you got that from? its luuuuhvly

    I'd like to see more pictures like this, your blog is a very enjoyable read :)



  20. I love your OOTD and Style Trend Reports but I think you need some more regular Ed pictures posting, just because you can! :) x

  21. I looooooooove your Lush reviews! Deffo try new things based on your recommendations! Personally think more Harry Potter-related posts would be amazingly nerdy XD


  22. I love reading about your reviews on things such as makeup (your heated lash curlers and so on). The thing I like to read about most is your OOTD because I am seriously in love with your wardrobe !

    Maybe something you could include in the future is a fahsion advice thing ? like people ask you fashion questions and you blog the answers with your advice... ?

  23. I am a newbie follower but so far I like reading your pics showing what you are wearing each day.

    The blog is nicely laid out in a simple format not over the top.

    Ways of improvement maybe include some step by step guide on your daily facial routines.

  24. Congratulations on your 200+ followers!

    I love your Style notes the best - how you combine celebrities and other bloggers styles.

    The only thing I can think of for improvement is I've noticeyour outfit posts aren't always full length, it'd be great to see which shoes you wear with your outfits :)

  25. I'm a new follower via Google (Jasmine1485), and my favourite posts are the outfit ones, and ones about new clothes or accessories you've bought. I love seeing how other people put outfits together, and combine colours, textures and fabrics. I'm pretty unimaginative with that kinda thing myself, so it gives me lots of great ideas for how to mix and match items in my wardrobe (and of course adds a bunch of items to my wish list!).

    I tweeted about it:

    Kate1485 at

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