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Treated myself to a selection of pretty goodies this week to relieve stress from commuting in and out of London during rush hour every day. I think it's safe to say that if and when I land myself a fashion writing jobby, I will do my best to rent a flat in London! Anyway, some of my buys this week include:

Barry M Lip Paint in 136 - Golden Bronze

I've used this lip paint a silly amount of times already! :3 Absolutely love its' creamy consistency and pigmented colour. It lasts for quite a while too, although is a shimmery kind of lipstick, which isn't always popular with everyone!

Barry M Lip Paint in 003 - Touch of Magic

I'm surprised I actually bit the bullet and purchased this! This had always been on my list of Barry M products that seemed slightly too wacky for my collection, but I swatched about 6 different lip paints, and this was the only thing that I was intrigued to buy! Swatches included below.

MAC Lipstick in Plink! Lustre

This is it - my first ever MAC purchase! I'd never felt the need to spend much on make-up, even though I love playing around with different products, but on one of my many walks down Neal St in Covent Garden, temptation got the better of me, and I ended up swinging a little MAC bag down the cobbled street back to work feeling very chipper with myself! I am in fact going to select a blush or bronzer of some sort next week! And so the MAC-affair begins...

These are some swatches of the above lip colours:

Onto my dress purchases then! I feel like my style has changed again, and I'm being drawn away from jeans and even leggings, and have taken to wearing shorts, skirts, cropped trousers and dresses recently.

I spied this little floral number in Primark for £6! Unbelievable! I will be getting a lot of wears of this over the summer!

And finally: I did it! I bought a maxi dress! I'd been debating this trend for a while, and I never hop on the bandwagon of a trend if it doesn't immediately appeal to me. However, I spent Wednesday packing and returning many a maxi dress, and just so happened to find this gorgeous coral maxi in Miss Selfridge for £22 (student discount blagged me this for £19.80!) Thank you to the Twitter lovelies who helped me make my decision ;)

What has everyone been buying this week?

M x.


  1. Ohh I love that Primark dress! Its so cute! xx

  2. The primark dress looks so cute on you!
    I've got a similar pink maxi dress like that one but from New Look

    I've got the magic green lipstick but it just goes BRIGHT red on my lips and because its like waterproof or something it wouldn't come off so i've only wore it once.. is it the same with you?


  3. a friend of mine bought the barry m touch of magic a while ago..
    i was slightly alarmed at first, because i didn't know how it worked, and thought she'd just bought bright green lipstick! hahah. :) x

  4. Love the colour of the maxi dress, it looks gorgeous on you!
    Golden Bronze is one of my favourite Barry M lip colours :)

  5. I only have two barry M lip paints and they are the exact colours that you have! I love the 136 but it doesn't last long at all on me... but the green one stains my lips and lasts forever! I wish I could find a lipstick like it which isn't such a bright pink. It's too bright for my liking! Also seeing that dress makes me want to go and have a good old browse in primark but I'm steering away from there now, because I know EVERYONE will have the same thing as you. I've discovered some lovely things in TK Maxx which is great because I know that people are almost certain to not have the same thing as me! Also thank you for following my blog x

  6. I love both of those dresses!! Also I have tried that touch of magic lipstick in the shops many times but I don't think i'll ever buy it. It just intrigues me! xo

  7. You look beautiful in your maxi dress :) love it

  8. @Tor: Thank you! They have the same style in different prints as far as I can remember :) x

    @Abbie: Aw thank you :) I actually looked in New Look, but was disappointed by the selection they had, maybe I should try a bigger store... And oh God, same. It is SO ridiculously waterproof :/ It's a quite bright colour, and apparently is affected by the alkaline levels in your lips?! I didn't quite understand... :p x

    @Chloe: Aha I think I just tried it because it looked so weird, and I was pleasantly surprised in the end :) x

    @Gillian: Thank you! I tend not to wear bright colours but this made a welcome change and I love it! Golden Bronze is uh-may-zhingsss haha ;)

    @Sofi: Thank you :) x

    @Emma: Woo high five ;D We have good taste in lipsticks! The green one stained my lips also, but I'm working on finding a good lip product combination to combat it ;) Primark have some nice things in at the moment, but I know what you mean about everyone wearing the same thing, I think I'm just going to accessorise the dress well! :) You're welcome hun x

    @Madison: Thank you! Haha, it's fun to play with in the store isn't it?! It's so strange! x

    @Lauren: Thank you hun! Glad you're blogging a bit again too Lauren, I've missed seeing your lovely face on my dashboard! x


  9. You look so pretty hun!Love the maxi dress!!!


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