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Topshop A/W 2010 is all about looking as cosy as you should feel during the cold winter months. I think the collection is nicely influenced by quintessentially British elements from Burberry (see my Burberry A/W 2010 Catwalk Report here) and strong, earthy colours inspired by Chloe and Zara.

I absolutely love this first look (top left) with its’ preppy Blair Waldorf-esque outfit, patterned tights, paired with a gorgeous cape jacket and finished off with a floppy hat. I am definitely adding this coat to my wishlist, even though I am quite positive that it’ll drown little 5ft me! The second look (top middle) stood out to me because I just love the clashing textures and colours; leather taupe shorts and grey knitted socks? Yes please! The third look (top right) is purely included because the coat is heaven. I think most of my wardrobe next season will be determined by my coat! Very tempted by this piece…

The fourth look (bottom left) serves to show that layering is hawttt next season – again. Layering is always good for the autumn and winter because it keeps you snug and warm of course, and means you can create so many looks out of just a few key pieces. I heart accessorising in the winter! The fifth look is so reminiscent of Chloe (bottom middle), but still with lots of clear Topshop elements. I absolutely love the heeled lace-up shoes, taupe blazer and layered scarves. Such a winning look. And finally (I’d like to think I saved the best til last!) how adorable is this mouse-eared hat?! It is definitely a cuter and more upmarket version of that panda hat from River Island, but I much prefer Topshop’s version.

Oh Topshop… how you continue to tease me…

M x.


  1. love the coat on the top right picture! it looks gorgeous and i loooove the color (i'm an absolute fan of all kinds of blue ;)

  2. Thanks for the comments girls :) I'm a sucker for a nice blue in the autumn as well haha! x


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