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Hello my honey bundles! As you may have noticed from my outfit posts, which I am doing my best to make daily, I have a little bit of an obsession with patterned tights. I'm one of those people who are constantly bruised in some shape or form, I am just ridiculously accident-prone. So to begin with, my affair with tights was merely for practical purposes to cover up said bruises. In the past couple of months though, I've fallen in love with patterned tights.

Patterned tights spruce up an outfit in a way not many accessories can. By swapping a pair of safe opaque black tights for something adorned with hearts, bows, lace or even a simple DIY laddered pair, you can really change the whole tone of an outfit.

Here are a selection of my current hosiery favourites:
Chain Link Suspender Tights, £8, Topshop.

All Over Heart Tights, £8, Topshop.

Bow Seam Tights, £8, Topshop.

Printed Lace Floral Tights, £15, Topshop.

Henry Holland 'House' Tights, £15, Topshop.

Nude Heart Suspender Tights, ASOS.
(Dislike how these were styled on the website...)

What are your go-to stores for tights? And, I'm curious, how do you store your tights ladies?

M x.


  1. I love the bow seemed ones from toppy! may have to invest in a pair
    plus i had the nude suspender ones in my post so you know my love for those already! xx

  2. ooh, those floral and 'suspender' tights are adorable! x)

    most of my tights.. i'll be honest, are from primark. for this reason; i'm also super duper clumsy, but apart from the bruising, also means i rip and ladder my tights all the time.. so i can't really justify spending £15 on a pair of tights, just to ruin them, yanno? aha.

    and i store them, just but folding them over and over so they're about palm-size, and have them in rows in my drawer. x

  3. @ella: Ah me too, I don't think I've brave enough to wear suspender tights, beautiful as they are, so bow seamed ones are edgy but still quite classy :) xxxx

    @chloe: Haha all my sheer black ones and quite a few patterned ones are from Primarni ;) They have the bow patterned ones that I'm wearing in today's OOTD for £1 which I snapped up several pairs of! Oooh me too, although some patterned ones (like my black heart ones) still look good when laddered - WIN! Thank youuu for the storage tip :) Mine are all scrunched up in my socks drawer ;D xxxx

  4. aha i gave up on tights a while ago and just let the world see my bruises! the heart ones are real cute though, may have to get me some more :) x


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