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With the British summer slowly getting into full swing, the ultimate summer trend is also making its slow but steady rise to the top of the high street food chain. Easily one of the more undermined and ‘scary’ trends, especially for the less confident fashion follower, this trend is also one of the most versatile pieces you could have in your wardrobe, especially with this season’s influx of prints, shapes, styles, lengths and forms. Shorts. Most people are divided on shorts; they can be extremely flattering if the right style is picked, but on the other hand, an inch too short will be risqué and scream fashion wannabe.

Selecting the perfect pair of shorts can appear to be a daunting task. How short do you go? Which colour to pick? Will high-waisted shorts be a good idea? Fear not my lovely ladies; I’ve handpicked some of the best on the high street at the moment, with a pair for (almost) every occasion.
First up are my favourites, of course. These are still high on my wishlist, and I am determined to buy them when funds allow for such a purchase! Printed denim is still right on trend, and Topshop currently have a gorgeous selection. A daisy print is quirky, dainty and perfect for the summer. As well as looking beautiful on their own, such a dainty print means that you can easily team these with patterned tights or a floral, chiffon blouse. Pick one or the other, both is a definite no-no. Finish off with a pair of tan gladiators, tan skinny belt and a straw hat, et voila! Perfect summer chic.

Another of my well-loved styles are the loose, bloomer-esque, culotte shorts. I first purchased a pair of these last summer, fully believing that the piece I had tucked away in my Topshop carrier bag was a skirt. (I hadn’t tried them on of course.) It was a pretty strange experience, putting them on and realising they were simply loose-fitting culotte shorts, but I have since fallen in love with this style. Perfect to wear with wedges and a ‘body’ top.
For those who like the idea of wearing shorts but hate their legs being out in public, and are terrified of baring too much, a slightly longer length is perfect for you. Wear with a loose white blouse, a pair of flip flops and a stack of statement bangles to veer attention away from your legs.

Finally, the key to pulling off shorts with style (not literally...) is to accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! This means the focus isn't just centralised on your lovely pins and bum, but on your gorgeous outfit as a whole. You can pair them with sheer patterned tights (available from Primark to Topshop and everywhere in between), a chiffon blouse, tight-fitting bodies, a straw hat, a plain Tee and statement necklace, one-shoulder tops, gladiators, heels, your boyfriend’s T-shirt… The possibilities are endless!



  1. i love how many times you've featured those daisy shorts, aha. :')
    they are lovely though. if i had the money to spend on clothes, i would certainly have bought a pair! x)

  2. after reading this post i realise that i want (neeeeed) a pair of shorts!!
    (I felt like i was reading a fashion magacine!!)

  3. ok neeeding shorts right now! haha x

  4. @Chloe: I seriously need them in my wardrobe! If I see them this week, I am most definitely splurging :)

    @Angie: Yaaay, thank you so much for that comment, made me smile lotsies!

    @Jenjar: Haha, I'm glad I've tempted you ;)


  5. Great post! I think if you've got the legs and bum for it, shorts are great. I don't though - I am very hippy which is why I love skirts, they hide my hips well! I've tried on a few playsuits but even the culotte-y ones draw lots of attention to my bum - will leave them to ladies like you who can pull them off!

    Those daisy prints are adorable. You have to buy!

  6. i'm totally in love with the shorts trend! just wore a pair of jeans shorts today actually (a little longer ones, like on the last pic) with black tights & ballet flats + a cute shirt and a blazer :)
    love the shorts you chose to feature in your post & great styling tips!

  7. shorts are my go-to clothing for this summer. you can pair it with simple tees or cute flowy tops. love it. :)

    p.s. i am a new follower. visit and maybe follow my blog too? thanks! :)

  8. Those are really cute Michellebelle! <3 xoxo


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