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This is what I'm wearing today. It's really nothing special, and I had planned to wear shorts but the weather is really not good enough for shorts, and I still have a huge unsightly bruise on my leg where I erm, walked into our coffee table. Which is surprisingly solid and sturdy - good choice there Dad. Layered a couple of tops, something I like to do to mix up my look a little bit. And please excuse the hair, I'm finally going to get it cut next week. *fingers crossed*

Pale mint green crinkle lace top - Topshop - £28
Grey camisole vest (worn underneath lace top) - Topshop - £6
White waistcoat vest-top - Topshop - £16
Black cardigan - Primark - £5
Dark jeggings - Miss Selfridge - £18
Tan skinny belt - Primark - £1
Necklace - Accessorize - £8



  1. really love this outfit. the layering is spot on.

    so pretty :) xx

  2. Ah awesome outfit, such a cute blog!

  3. Thank you ladies :) xxxxxxxxx

  4. really cute outfit! i agree, the layering is looks really great! :)
    don't worry, i run into things all the time - especially tables hahaha :O

  5. this is gorgeous, you are gorgeous:) x


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