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Happy June! How crazy is it that we're already halfway through the year?! In typical British fashion though, the first day of June has also brought with it a lovely smattering of rain; and not just any rain, that annoying barely-there rain that fuzzes your hair up. Perfect.

Not such a special outfit today I'm afraid. I went for a driving lesson this morning, and although I had it in my mind that it was a dress, layered cottons and patterned tights kind of day, in practicality, 1) it was raining and 2) I wanted to be comfortable to drive at 9am. Such an ungodly hour.

I never wear jeans, so why I decided to pick a pair out for today is completely beyond me. I love layering jersey tops over each other, especially because the weather is so unpredictable lately. Taking a layer off to keep cool is easy, and if it gets cold, I can easily layer another top on. The necklace I'm wearing today is also one of my favourites; a delicate Cinderella coach on a chain accompanied by a (fake) pearl and a high heeled shoe! This was a snap at just HK$12, which is about a pound!(!!!) Cinderella is and continues to be one of my all-time favourite films. What's your favourite classic Disney film?

Grey jersey top with pocket - Urban Outfitters - £12
White vest - Topshop £6
Straight leg jeans - Miss Selfridge Petite - £35
Belt - Primark - £1
Pale pink T-bar flats - Topshop - £25
Swan ring - Topshop - £7
Cinderella coach necklace - Korean boutique in Hong Kong - HK$12 (about £1!)


P.S. Can you tell that I love wearing skinny tan coloured belts yet?!


  1. youre too adorable.
    i love this outfit a ton.<3

  2. Oooh, that looks so cute on you. Loving the shoes and that necklace is adorable, can't believe how cheap!

  3. Thank you muchly! And @Sarah, I know! I picked up lots of long necklaces while I was there, so ridiculously cheap and pretty :) XO


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