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Hello ladies! I haven't been blogging much recently because of work (I am absolutely positive you all know about my recent work escapades through Twitter!) and some other commitments I've had. So, what would you know, when I finally sat down and decided to take a break, and blog about my outfit, I open my drawer to retrieve my camera... I look in every bag I possess (no easy feat, I own over 20 bags) and I can only conclude: I'VE LOST MY CAMERA! *sobs* My lovely camera who survived many girly outings and gatherings, my month-long holiday last summer, all of my drunken adventures at Uni... So, apologies in advance for more lack of blogging and for the upcoming webcam photographs.

Denim jacket, River Island; Sundress, Topshop; Cream heart tights, Primark; Pale turquoise low wedge peeptoes, Urban Outfitters.

P.S. I've learnt to purchase tights from Primark wherever possible now, I ladder tights way too often to be forking out £8 a pop for Topshop tights when alternatives are available for a quarter of that price! ;)

I hope you're having enjoyable weeks :)

M x.


  1. I just adore your tights! They are so girly! <3 I really need to set up my bank account so that I can shop online. :D

  2. ahah. oh. -am so completely not wearing those same tights right now- x)

    love the colour of your dress. :) x

  3. love this outfit!
    so classy
    shoes are amazing xxx

  4. Super cute outfit hun! Absolutely love those tights! xx

  5. i love the tights and the dress, and also love the combination denim+girly

  6. Lovely outfit... I can't take my eyes off of your tights!:D So cute!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  7. i want those tights
    they are so delicate and pretty !!!!!!!!

  8. Totally adorable outfit. Love the cat blouse in the post below too! I couldn't click 'Follow' any quicker!
    Feel free to stop by and check out my giveaway (featuring Henry Holland, Levi's, Polaroid, 17, and heaps more!)

  9. Thank you so SO much for the lovely comments ladies! *big cheesy grin* ♥


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