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Hi lovelies! Remember me? I’ve been a little bit absent from the blogging world and even a bit absent from Twitter (a crime, I know) this past week, because if you remember, I was offered a 2-week work experience placement with more! Magazine. I know there has been a little bad publicity about more! around Blogger at the moment – Twitter drama? I don’t know - but I have absolutely loved working at more! so far, and could really see myself working there or similar in the future. This is going to be a nice long post about my first week, I have another to go although I wish it was more, so grab your favourite mug, make coffee or tea of your choice and some biccies!

Nothing can express how nervous I was on the morning of my first day. I had no idea what the office would be like, whether the girls would be super-bitchy like on The Devil Wears Prada, whether I’d be underdressed… As it turns out, the girls are all really lovely to work with and so friendly! Everyone dresses casual but stylish and on-trend, as expected, with a huge abundance of maxi dresses and clogs worn this week ;) This is a selection of the outfits I sported, as promised:

1- Angel Wing Top, Urban Outfitters; Jeggings, Miss Selfridge.
2- Dusky pink sundress, Topshop; Waterfall waistcoat, Hong Kong boutique; Tan belt, Primark.
3- Top, Topshop; Shorts, DIY; Heart print tights, Primark.

Anyway, my week consisted mainly of making returns of all the garments that had been used for various photoshoots last week. This is usually the main duty of fashion interns, and although sometimes repetitive and slightly mind-numbing, there were some really lovely pieces on the rail that perked me up a bit!

My little desk!

In between packing things up for returns and organising the main fashion cupboard (also absolutely amazing), I was also asked to rush around to some press offices in London and collect garments. That was certainly an experience reminiscent of Little J on Season 2 of Gossip Girl!

MUA's area! A huge box full of MAC, YSL and Chanel make-ups! And look at all those brushes :O

The shoot taking place!

I also got to go along to a photoshoot with the Senior Stylist on Thursday! This was probably the highlight of my time at more! so far, it was so busy and fun to work at. The shoot was at Holborn Studios, in London, and my gaaad, it was literally just like something out of The Hills :) Basically at the shoot, I unpacked the clothing, styled the accessories and dressed Katy (the model), who was so lovely and pretty! I also wrote the credits, and pinned the outfits to fit the model. SO much work, but definitely worth it! We also got free sushi :D

At the Fashion Assistant desk, feeling more important than I was!

On Friday, the entire more! Fashion department went along to work the Clotheshow London, and put on some fashion shows, leaving myself and two other fashion interns to man the department! I was slightly worried and overwhelmed by the amount of work but managed to cope, and realised that organisation is everything in the fashion world. No matter how hectic things are, there is always some form of organisation in order. I finished returns, compiled credits for the main fashion spread, got voxpopped about Twilight and tidied the fashion closet.
  1. Tip #1: Rings and bracelets are risky. I lost my favourite ring! And I kept getting caught on pieces of clothing because of my bracelets!
  2. Tip #2: Flat shoes are an essential, or even a low wedge. Heels may look professional, but when interning, you’re probably better off wearing something that looks good and feels comfortable.
  3. Tip #3: Organisation is everything. It’s quite hectic in the fashion cupboard, and there are hundreds of returns bags, hangers, clothing and other bits and bobs lying around, so being organised will get you off to a flying start.
  4. Tip #4: Be friendly and smiley!
  5. Tip #5: The courier room people will probably become your best friends, given the amount of time you’ll probably spend collecting garment packages and other ‘special deliveries’. One of the parcels I took up to the girls included personalised cupcakes and Lush goodies! :O I can hear jaws dropping in amazement already!
  6. Tip #6: Interning at a fashion magazine isn’t glamorous, I’m not going to lie. It is a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and by the middle of your second day, you’ll most probably want to pack it in (I know the interns I worked with were close to leaving on Tuesday!) but keep smiling, power through and the fashion editors WILL eventually notice.
So there you have it! My first week interning at a magazine and I love it, I can't wait until this is what my life is about :)

M x.


  1. This sounds so great, I'm glad you've had fun!
    Love your outfits too! I'd love to work somewhere like that, you're so lucky to have been given the opportunity to experience it! xx

  2. this sounds so amazing michelle!
    I've got mine coming up at Look in a few weeks and literally SO terrified haha but this has cheered me up a bit! hope the rest of your summer is going good xxxx

  3. oh ive been waiting for this post for ages
    your outfits look fab! id also be so nervous about what to wear
    and it looks like you had an amazing time xxxxxx

  4. oh ive been waiting for this post for ages
    your outfits look fab! id also be so nervous about what to wear
    and it looks like you had an amazing time xxxxxx

  5. @Tor: Thank you so much for your comment :) It's been absolutely amazing so far, I'm even more excited for next week!

    @Danielle: It was indeed ;) Aw have you?! Lucky girl :p You'll be absolutely fine honey, just be smiley and ridiculously enthusiastic haha! Hope you're having a lovely summer xxxx

    @Ella: Been working on the post a little each night, same will apply to next week if I decide to post again about it! My outfits are... bleh, average this week. I was kind of looking more on the practical side of accommodating to running around London, the office and trains! Thank you for the lulllly comment <3


  6. AWESOME opportunity. Glad you had fun! Love your salmon colored dress :)

  7. WOW i'd absoulutely love to do this in the future. how did you get the opportunity? hope you have recovered slightly!! :D M xo

  8. Sounds wicked :D Why has everyone been hating on more??

  9. How amazing, Michelle!:D I'm glad you are having a great time!:D

    Love the outfits too!:D

    Have a great weekend!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  10. @Melanie: Thank you! Ah it's one of my favourite dresses, such a nice fit and really versatile :)

    @Madison: Haha thank you sweety, I'm all recovered now, a nice bath followed by a coffee last night did the trick! I just wrote cover letters and sent CVs off to them.

    @Rosie: It was amazing! Erm I can't even remember, it was apparently about something said over Twitter? A little bit stupid in my eyes, but hey!

    @Marie: Thank you lovely! It's so good, I don't want next Friday to come round!

    @Ansa: Thank you so much lovely! :)


  11. aww that sounds amazing && makes me think of The Hills so much!! :) Wish you much power & fun for your 2nd week! PS: your outfits look LOVELY, especially love the 3rd one! xoxo♥

  12. @Summer: It's kind of like The Hills but more toned down ;) I absolutely love it! Thank you sweety! Hope you've had a lovely week, sorry I haven't spoken to you much :O :(

  13. Wow, sounds like you had an awesome time! Loved reading that post!

    Stacey xx

  14. sounds amazing! lovely post and pics:):):) xx

  15. So interesting, I've always wondered what it's really like!! Glad you've had a good time and loving the outfits! I really hope you get your dream job one day. :)


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