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Now that the University semester is well and truly over, and all my work is being standardised, I can finally post the final magazine spreads I created for my 'Magazine Design' unit. I know that some people who are looking at going to the same uni as me read my blog, so I thought this would be useful to them. :) I'm also pretty proud that I managed to master QuarkXPress to make these layouts! The article (trend report) is all written by me, all people mentioned in the article were interviewed by me (an embarassing and tedious experience!), all photographs taken by me... You get the idea ;) The final two spreads are the ones I handed in as my final magazine designs. I believe you can click on the spreads to full-screen them, which will allow you to read the articles. Oh and my model is my friend, Selina. Enjoy!



  1. i think one "word" will sum up all:

  2. i'm seriously impressed, that's amazing work sweety!! <3

  3. Thank you girls :)!


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