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I know that many of my fellow bloggers are just as addicted to painting their nails as I am. So what did I think to do when I heard about Rimmel's latest nail varnish collection? Blog about it to inform you all of course!

Rimmel are bringing out a range of fruity scented, summery coloured nail varnishes. These will be available from 7th July in stores nationwide at just £2.99 each.

Additionally, Revlon have hopped on the bandwagon, and will similarly have scented nail varnishes out for the summer :)

What do we think girls? A do or don't?



  1. oh wow, thank sounds like quite a nice idea. if they smell really good though, may end up seeming a bit strange, asking people to smell your nails. x) i'd definitly want to try them out though. hope they're pretty colours! x

  2. wow that's such a cute idea!! also love the colors in the pictures! PS: me too, i'm a real nail polish addict (repainting tomorrow ;D
    what's your fave polish color btw?

  3. @Chloe: It does seem like a good idea, it'd be like a constant perfume! I wonder how long the nail varnish would last though... I think they're going to be pastels and some summery brights :)

    @Summer: I know, I'm so excited! My favourite colour is probably pastel purple, navy blue or light green at the moment!


  4. i think it's a little bizarre really. but for me it's all about the shade, consistency and staying power.. so we shall see how they measure up to the likes of barry m and opi shall we ;) xx

  5. I'm horrible at painting my nails. Well, not the act. I'm horrible at not messing them up. I feel like no matter what brand I get, I smudge or bump it. Grrr.

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  6. I actually have Revlon Gum Drop nail polish (a really nice lilac) and it's scented. It smells quite nice too, but the nail polish itself doesn't seem to last that long on my nails. I still use it all the time though, the colour is fab! xx

  7. I think it sounds like a cool idea! I would love to have that!

    Visit my blog? Leave a comment? Follow? I'd be more than happy to reciprocate the blog love :)


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