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Resort collections still continue to baffle me. I have long been convinced that Resort collections are for the in-between stage of seasons, when the rich and famous are travelling to their various holiday homes. For me, even the word ‘Resort’ conjures up images of beautiful people, exquisitely dressed and lounging about in huge, airy buildings and sun kissed locations. Overall, the term ‘Resort Collection’ evokes images of French Riviera chic – an upmarket nautical style, and Marc Jacobs did not fail me in again bringing a beautiful collection, perfectly befitting my above initial thoughts of such a collection.

In true Marc Jacobs style, the Resort 2011 collection is girly, whimsical, simple and luxurious all at the same time. Featuring a delectable range of dresses, elegant two-piece suits, and even an admirable range of hats, I am instantly led to see what a Resort collection is all about: elegance and simplicity on holiday – tacky as that word now appears among such prettiness – and looking chic while relaxing. Although not pictured, Jacobs also included an adorable mac in this range, practical and pretty! Look how amazing the outfit in the bottom left corner is! Oh Marc Jacobs, you’ve outdone yourself once again, if that were ever possible.

M x.


  1. omg! LOVE them! so retro! love marc jacob!!!

  2. Thought i recognised your profile pic! Fab blog Michelle, love your post about tights, i need to invest!

    Stacey x

  3. I love everything. Like someone else said, Marc Jacobs can do no wrong! xo

  4. thank you so much for your comment! :)
    I haven't looked for new designer collection at all lately.. But Marc Jacobs always does it!!

  5. love love love this collection! So fresh!


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