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At the weekend, I finally got my hands on a Sleek 'Storm' palette after reading hundreds of rave reviews about it. And I was in dire need of some nice, neutral eyeshadows, which this palette provides lots of!

Firstly, on about 90% of the blog reviews that I've read about Sleek palettes, the main thing mentioned is that it is extremely hard to find. I walked straight into my local Superdrug, and sitting pretty in the Sleek display were about 10 of these beauties! They also had the Original palette, the Chaos palette and another one that I can't currently remember the name of. Get yourself to Southampton, we have lots ;)

Once I had had a little play around with this though, I was extremely happy that I'd spent just under a fiver on this beauty. There is a whole range of neutral colours (both shimmery and matte - I love a nice bit of sparkle as much as the next girl, but matte is always good!) and they are all really pigmented. I just can't help but wish that the eyeshadows came with names :3 I love a nice quirky named eyeshadow! Yes... I am kind of sad...

As well as the neutral shades, there is a plum eyeshadow, perfect as a powder liner for lining under the eye, to make your eyes appear whiter, and also a really nice navy eyeshadow, which is amazing used on a smoky eye to make your eyes pop and add depth. These two really stood out to me; I love creating a smoky, smouldering eye.

RRP: £4.99

These are just a few snappys of my pose-aholic self, procrastinating while I was supposed to be packing. My days in this little room are well and truly numbered. I don't like this fact much.



  1. Love the eye shadows. I have a set from Urban Decay (which gives the colors really funny names) that is way too sparkly. I'm all about matte.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  2. Stil yet to get this and like you say there are soooo many good reviews of it!

    Really need to hunt it down.

    Fee x

  3. I got this couple months ago & i use it on most days now! I really love the fact that it comes with a big mirror
    love it x

  4. i'm not usually at all into eyeshadows, in fact i don't think i've worn any since i was probably 13 or something.
    these look like such pretty colours though, i'm actually a bit tempted to try and get one. x)

    love the dark blue and purple.. with maybe a bit of black or dark grey with them, could look like lovely stormy colours. x

  5. @Melanie: Oh I love Urban Decay eyeshadows, especially the shimmery ones :) Their names are so random and quirky, I love them. I actually don't own many matte eyeshadows, but after using these today and receiving lots of compliments, I'm tempted to hunt down more!

    @Fee: You should! Definitely worth the £4.99 ;) Superdrug on a Tuesday morning is generally nice and quiet to have a little nosey around.

    @Abbie: I love the mirror too, really big and not a cheapo shabby one that you'd expect with such a reasonably priced palette! I can see myself using this daily too haha :)

    @Chloe: I was never that into eyeshadows, but like you said, this palette has a nice range of colours, so you could start nice and neutral and then use the darker colours when you're more comfortable with eyeshadows. Get one :D


  6. Thanks for the review... hopefully we'll have that here in the States soon.:D

    Have a lovely week, Michelle!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  7. "while I was supposed to be..."
    I totally know what you mean :D
    the eyeshadows seem great, hope they're as good as they look like.
    check out my (newly discoverd) blog?

  8. Where did you buy this? I hear so much about Sleek, does it have a make up store in England or is it only on internet? tHANKS xoxo

  9. @Marilou: You can buy Sleek at some Superdrug stores in England hun :) XO


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