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Mischa Barton. Actress. Regular celebrity in the ol' gossip magazine. Handbag designer.

I always doubted Mischa's designing skills, having not even seen her designs or collections, purely because I hardly ever have faith in celebrity 'spin-off' designers. However, I was forwarded a link on Facebook earlier by my friend, and I was pleasantly surprised by her collection for Dorothy Perkins!

Most of the bags, if not all, feature a signature Mischa Barton padlock, which is a really cute touch. And for a celebrity endorsed/designed handbag range, it is quite affordable, with prices starting at £30 and ranging to £85, many people are able to get their hands on these pieces!

These are some of my current favourites:

Click here to see the full collection & to purchase online.

Hope you've all had sparkling weekends!



  1. these are really cute!! yes, i'm surprised too! thinking about maybe ordering one ;)
    have a nice sunday!

  2. i love the 1st & the 2nd!!

  3. i'm surprised too! i would never have had my second doubts if you hadn't posted this, so thanks! x


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