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Just a quick odds 'n ends post! I've just spent a pretty long time unpacking my suitcases, full of clothes, accessories and shoes, from my Uni room, and I've come to ask myself: WHY oh why do I have so many clothes?! Shopaholic Syndrome has returned once again. I don't even know how I fit this amount of things in my wardrobe! I'm planning to take a 'capsule wardrobe' to Uni with me next semester, and am finally getting rid of a lot of unworn/never worn pieces.

I'll be opening my own little eBay "boutique" soon, because I have SO much to sell. Anyone interested? Everything will be going from as cheap as £1, so you may be able to nab yourself a nifty bargain! If you would prefer a blog sale, leave a comment/email and let me know!

Finally, I've started my hunt for goodies for my blog giveaway ;D It's been a long time coming, but I finally have the spare time to find pretty things for you, and I have WAY more than 100 followers now, so at 200, a bigger giveaway will be coming :)

Lots of love and cupcakes,


  1. Ahh an eBay shop! Haha I like that idea ;)
    it's kate by the way :) xx

  2. i really need to get around to selling some things on ebay!
    will deffo take a look at yours!

  3. Ahhh i'll definately look :)
    make sure you post us the link xx

  4. I'll definitely take a look. This is such a great idea. I should get a blog shop going, too.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  5. love this picture! wardrobe pics are always so cool! ;D
    nice idea the blog sale or e-bay!! can't wait!
    & also congrats to 173 followers!

  6. @Kate: Indeedio ;) I really need to get rid of at least 2/3 of my wardrobe, so I may as well let the blogging community get their hands on some pieces aha! Kateee, what's happened to your blog?! :O

    @Emma Jade: Yay for ebay shopping :D I'll be posting a blog entry and sidebar thingy when my shop is all set up, I'm such a noobie with these kind of things!

    @Lauren: Thank you :D I'll post the link once everything is set up!

    @Melanie: :) Yes, you should ;D I'd definitely have a scout around in yours!

    @Summer: Sadly, that isn't even all of my wardrobe at the moment :O Lots of goodies to be going in the ebay shop though! Thank you sweety!

  7. ahh, ebay shop!
    im well up for buying your clothes x)! lol x

  8. ahh i had the same revelation when unpacking last week! looking fwd to your ebay/blog sale x

  9. @Roxie: Eee :D I'm going to set my Paypal up tomorrow and then really start sifting through all my clothes and bags :)

    @Annabelle: There's not enough room for my old and new stuff aha!


  10. blog sale :p
    i spy your topshop skirt. i haven't worn mine. STILL. it still has the tag on lol


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