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Ins & Outs #6

♥ I had a pretty good last week in Southampton with the girls and flatmates. Highlights included: Cook block and third floor Magellan being true idiots and keeping my entire flat and myself up until 3am early on Monday morning. SO much drama, and apparently the flat below us had someone end up in hospital, eek.

♥ My parents' restaurant reached it's 2nd year of trading! Eee, so happy for them both, my mother was like a little excitable child and proceeded to ring me at 8am on Tuesday morning to remind me of the occasion.

♥ Family Guy and rose wine night with Heather was funfun. As was wasting lots of moolah in the city centre for clothes to wear to my last night out before the summer.

♥ My Topshop make-up order arrived! Love all the products I ordered except from the lipstick crayon in 'Vintage', not my colour at all sadly.

♥ Finding Pixie Lott's scrabble ring and ordering it :) Also, Pixie Lott's new video, how gorgeous does she want to be?!

♥ Had an amazing night out with the flatmates and fashion girls on Wednesday. So sad to leave :(

♥ It's been a good week for music - new amazing releases from Super Junior, Jay Chou, Wonder Girls and a few odd tracks here and there!

♥ I'm hooooome! :D

♥ My Topshop lippie not suiting me :( It is absolutely gorgeous but completely unwearable on me sadly. I may put this in some sort of blog sale soon.

♥ My room at home being unable to fit all of my belongings ^_^"

♥ I already miss my flatmates and girls :( Was so hard not to cry on Thursday morning. And I left my Kevin magnet on our fridge! I'm so sorry Kevin, I didn't mean to abandon youuu!

♥ My monster hangover on Thursday. I was sick about 6 times in the morning and didn't recover until late on Friday afternoon. Nice one Michelle, so damn classy.

♥ Lack of things to do at home. Damn.



  1. So gorgeous, aren't they?! I might have to get crafty this summer and make some of my own ;) XO

  2. Looks like you had a lovely week!
    love reading these :)
    boooo to hangovers tho :(

  3. This sounds a lot like my week...and I love your rings! I'm absolutely bent on getting a scrabble one made myself...excellent idea! I saw a woman selling scrabble necklaces at camden market once but I like the ring idea much better.

    lovely blog, by the way! delightful!

  4. @Lauren: Yeah it was pretty nice, SO up and down though, I had no idea what to feel half of the time :) Ahh, worst hangover of my life - definitely a lesson learnt! xxx

    @Emily: :) Scrabble rings are so cute, it suits my inner geek as well haha, I love a good game of Scrabble!



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