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As many of you must already know, I'm somewhat of a magpie when it comes to jewellery. I am possibly the ultimate Jewellery Junkie, and have a slight penchant for long necklaces and charm bracelets in particular. I went through my jewellery wardrobe while unpacking my things the other week, and own 5 charm bracelets - how I've managed this is a spectacular feat in itself!

Although I've never been a fan of costume jewellery - preferring something dainty and elegant - cheap and cheerful statement necklaces from the one and only Primarni keep sneaking their way into my jewellery wardrobe as of late!

More recently however, is my discovery of rings. I never used to be a fan of rings at all. My fingers are quite small and it is often hard to find rings that fit me well, added to the fact that I am the biggest klutz ever, meaning that I lose absolutely everything, it just doesn't make for a good affair -____- Lots of high street stores are offering beautiful cocktail rings lately, and I've seen so many stock images that show gorgeous pieces, so I've been busy working away at a ring collection to rival my extensive necklace and charm bracelet collection.

My current offerings:

Some of my favourite places to pick up pieces like these include:

  • Eclectic Eccentricity - an online boutique full of jewellery with 'inspired kookiness'. Lots of vintage inspired pieces.
  • Rock 'N Rose - I only discovered this brand about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and I'm completely in love with their pieces. I'm even more encouraged by the fact that Pixie Lott also shops here ;)
  • Lunacy Boutique - I love their quirky jewellery and accessories, especially this toast ring, how adorable?!
  • And of course, not forgetting my beloved Accessorize, Topshop and Miss Selfridge ;)

What kind of jewellery do you tend to opt for?



  1. i've got such an extensive ring collection.. mostly ones that have been passed down to me from my nan and my mum, so they're all sweet little old-fashioned things.
    same goes for most of my necklaces, bracelets, etc. lots of pearl and gemstone-y things.
    thing is, i love jewellery, i love looking at it, collecting like magpie.. but i don't really wear it. mostly because i'm frightened to lose things that are irreplacable. x

  2. I've got a ridiculous amount of rings (As evidenced by this post here). I just can't stop buying them!

    Hello by the way, I just found your blog! It's glorious x

  3. I got a bunch of vintage cocktail rings from my grandmother. I absolutely love them.
    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  4. great collection! fantasou na forouses k polla dhladh! egw pali me ta daxtulidia dn ta paw kala, giati exw prismena daxtula, alla latreuw genika ta kosmhmata, giauto alloste ftiaxnw k egw h idia! mporeis na deis ena mikro deigma sto to blog mou!
    by the way,auto me tn nekrokefalh einai to agaphmeno mou, alla ola einai axiolatreuta!

  5. @Chloe: Aw, jewellery that's been handed down is always much nicer, because there's usually a story behind it :) I have so much jewellery, but I also don't tend to wear much of it, I prefer looking at the pieces!

    @Helen: Hi Helen! Aw thank you :) I just had a read of your post, and I love the rings in the photo! If you don't mind me asking, where is the teacup one from? It's so adorable and unique :)

    @Melanie: Aww that's so sweet of her!


  6. @Masie: Thank you beautiful! xx


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