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As I wrote yesterday, today was the Go! Vintage Fashion & Homewares Market in Southampton. It wasn't all I expected, but I'm quite glad I went to have a look. I was also going to take some photographs but I didn't manage to, and there wasn't much to photograph anyway in the end.

The event was held in Soul Cellar, which is a bar. It isn't my usual kind of place to haunt, other than the occasional stand-up comedy evening that they host, and the venue is minature, so I had doubts about how much they would be able to display/sell there. When we got there, there was a table full of homewares, another of vintage jewellery, a shelf or so of handbags and shoes, and then three rails full of vintage clothing.

Nothing on the rails really appealed to me, so I scoured the jewellery table and ended up snapping these little lovelies:

Pearl and gold chain necklace - £5

Hat brooch - £5

I also saw an utterly beautiful beyond beautiful tan handbag, quite reminiscent of a Mulberry. I couldn't really justify buying yet another bag though, so I had to let it pass... :( All in all, still a pretty decent vintage event, you always have to delve in a vintage store for really good pieces!

And to finish, a sneaky OOTD! Self-timer because I don't have anyone to photograph me here in Uni halls...

Black cardigan - Primark - £7
Dusky pink sundress - Topshop - £16
Hairclip - DIY
Charm necklace - Urban Outfitters - 9p (yes, you read that correctly!)
Satchel shoulder bag - Luella - £125



  1. You look great, Michelle!:D

    I want that hat brooch, it's the cutest thing!:D

    Happy Thursday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. awh you look so prettY! i love that outfit :):) xx

  3. you look gorgeous! That dress looks so cute on you :)

    I know what you mean about lauren it just wasnt right after she left.. im watching old school laguna beach at the mo :P

  4. Thank you! I meant to post more OOTD's but I keep forgetting to take photographs before I get changed/go out -slaps forehead- :O Laguna Beach was the best, how cute and young are they all?! :p XO

  5. Ahh, necklace is cute :3 And your left hand in the 2nd pic makes me laugh<3 lol

  6. Yoooh look soo cute! :)
    the outfit is lovely
    what a lovely dres xxx

  7. @Sharon: CLAW :3

    @Lauren: Thank you so much sweety :)



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