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So, as I'm sure everyone in the bloggisphere is now well aware, this weekend has been beautiful for weather in England (have I really resorted to blogging about... the weather?!) Hope everyone's had lovely weekends in the sun! I spent Saturday sunning in the garden with my sister, and reading a book with my iPod, such a typical thing to do :) And I am proud to say, I even managed some tan lines!

Today I went into town with my sister (again :p) to help her pick things to spend her birthday money on. I bought a Vitamin E Face Mist and Facial Buff from The Body Shop. I hadn't actually realised how long it'd been since I had a proper look in The Body Shop, I always walk past it and kind of forget that it's even there...

Let me just say: the face mist is absolute genius in this weather, I kept spraying it on my face to cool myself down and top up the moisture on my face. The product claims to "soften and refresh", which it definitely does! And it was £7 which isn't too bad either ;) I also highly recommend purchasing the facial buff. I used it tonight to work in my facial cleanser, and it leaves your skin feeling SO clean, because it works the cleanser right into the skin. :) £3 - bargainous!

Then we (by we, I mean my sister and I!) bought disposable cameras and got snap happy in the park by the town centre. I'm taking them to get developed tomorrow - so excited to see the results!

Also, my Rock 'N Rose delivery arrived today. I was so excited! It came in a pretty package also, and with a little custom 'Rock 'N Rose sweet :O Such a cute touch! Here's my little order, a Scrabble ring! <3

Finally, please click and follow Masie's new bloggy! Her old blog got deleted recently, and she's had to start over again, so regaining her old followers would be a good start for the new blog! Masie is such a sweetheart too, follow follow!

Lots of love,


  1. i think i could have done with the face mist today!
    Do you get post on a sunday?!

  2. Ah it was heavenly in that crazy heat earlier! And I didn't think we did... but I checked the post all day yesterday til 6:30pm, and it was definitely empty, and then there was a package waiting for me this morning! :| xxxx

  3. aww thankyou so much for mentioning me! xx

  4. love the scrabble ring, so cute!

  5. @Masie: You're welcome love! I'm going to Tweet it a few times later tonight when more people are online to see it :) Good luck with your new bloggy!

    @Summer: I know, it's adorable isn't it?!



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