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As promised, here's another Gossip Girl episode fashion guide installment! The season three finale came out yesterday in America (and on Wednesday for UK viewers, ITV2 at 8pm ^_^) and it was absolutely amazing. I was worried that it'd be a crap ending, considering the entire season has been a bit up and down in terms of quality. But eee - this has GOT to be one of the best episodes ever :D I'm sorry in advance if there are some spoilerish parts to this post, I've endeavoured to keep spoilers to a minimum.

I'm going to start with my personal favourite, Blair Waldorf, again, after a slight mishap in the wardrobe department last week with that ugly, dumpy ballgown, Blair is back to normal with a dainty floral dress as her main outfit throughout the episode. Teamed with a gorgeous mane of brunette curls, quirky bright heels and then an olive green coat with scarf and arm-length gloves, Blair is every inch the grown up Upper East princess.

Oh Little J... I would probably still like you if you didn't have such horrible, horrible extensions. I much preferred Jenny circa short 'edgy' hair. But seriously, her outfits are getting okay minus the extensions. Take this little minidress and jacket combination ;D And finally- I seriously don't understand how J manages a 180° turn on her emotions by the end of the episode o____O"

Serena has a multitude of adorable outfits in this episode, my favourite being the outfit she wears while in Blair's wardrobe with that gorgeous statement costume necklace. However, Serena in a hat? Not my favourite look. Sure, she is going for a I-haven't-showered-and-need-to-leave-the-apartment-now look, but in other seasons and episodes, she's pulled the look off perfectly sans ugly hat.

And to finish: Blair. I adore your coat and need to steal it now. :3



  1. i don't know why but i kinda love little J!! but her extensions are the worst thing i've ever seen.

  2. and yes this wasn't the best GG season but the last episode OMFG

  3. As soon as I saw that picture, I also said "Oh, little J." Haha, her extensions are so wack. But I have to disagree with you--I didn't like her hair short and edgy. Her outfit is gorg though!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  4. i loved the ending eeeee! cant wait for next season!

  5. @Angie: Haha, I like her to an extent, but then you have the crazy mood swings and ugly hair extensions, and overly smoky make-up. She's gone completely overboard! And agreed - an amazing end to a mediocre season.

    @Melanie: Her extensions need removing or shortening, if ever a word did exist! Oh I loved her short hair, it really suited her with the fringe and early rebel days.

    @Jane: Sameee :D This summer is going to be pure torture to wait out for next season, I may have to break out my books once again and reread them before September ;)

  6. oooh don't get me started on her hair :| she annoys me so much. she's considered a fashion icon? she copies pretty much every female rockstar of the 70's and 80's.. drives me nuts.

  7. Hey love!
    Love your blog, still so cute!
    how have you been?

  8. TESS♥
    thank you so much! i've been good thank you, finished uni for the summer now ;) how about you sweety? i miss you~ XO

  9. i've tried to find out in every way but still haven't managed to find out where serena's dress ( the light blue and black one) she wears in hospital is from. please help me! :D thanks so much


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