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Another post about my beloved Gossip Girl! We're now just a week away from the Season Three finale. Where has the time gone?! I suddenly feel an urge to spend my summer rewatching all three seasons in preparation for, what the cast have led us to believe through interviews, an amazing and shocking Season Four. Leighton Meester (aka Blair Waldorf, of course) and Taylor Momsen ("Little J", Jenny Humphrey) have both dropped hints in interviews about the season finale and hints about next season. Cue sheer excitement!

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to review the many, many outfits of episode 21, "Ex-Husbands and Wives". Am I the only one who really, really misses the exquisite outfits from season one and two? Season three's costumes haven't really appealed to me... Sure, there have been one or two beauties, but overall, I'm slightly nostalgic for the classic, sometimes retro-feeling, outfits in season one, and the outfits described in the books. (Once again, I'm a massive geek and I love it!) So, enough of my rambling! I've tried to use minimal spoilerish images, in case any of you haven't seen it yet ^_^

Firstly, Jenny Humphrey in all of her leather, studded and extensioned-out glory. I know that the rocker Jenny has caused much controversy in the Gossip Girl lovers world; I personally am not a fan of her extensions... but this episode was a good episode for J's hair. The stylists curled it and had most of it tied back loosely, which suited her perfectly. This scene was one of my favourites: a perfect combination of Jenny in her leather jacket, typical angsty face, those perfect curls! and her old Brooklyn apartment bedroom, albeit with new decor.

And for the back of her hair, which was pretty damn gorgeous!

Blair Waldorf. Almost always appropriate. I adore her little dresses, as you all well know! Best served with a fake simpering smile (see below image ;D) At the start of the episode, Blair doesn't fail to serve well with a selection of adorable fitted numbers. I miss her hair circa season one though...

But then, the episode progresses to another fancy ball, typical Gossip Girl style, and there are some SERIOUS wardrobe malfunctions. Firstly pictured below is Jenny again. True, she does look somewhat classy with her pretty up-do, overly smoky make-up, necklace and Chanel-esque jacket - until you see the huge ballgown she's wearing that completely drowns her! C'mon wardrobe, where are all the little black numbers you reserve for Jenny?! Then, Serena. Oh Serena. You are utterly beautiful. Yes, Blake Lively has a body to die for. That gold foil dress however. Not even Blake/Serena can pull that off!

Then we have Blair. How did she go from being so well dressed, to being shoved into this frumpy number?! I usually love fancy parties in Gossip Girl for the fact that Blair is generally in a beautiful elegant dress with a modern Audrey Hepburn twist.

And finally, a cheeky picture of Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald. For no particular reason other than they both look their usual dapper selves throughout the episode ;D Yum!

You know you love me,


  1. I love Gossip Girl, too! I've just started watching it though, since I got the cable 1 year ago, when I moved. I don't even know which season I'm watching LOL.

  2. Love how you ended this post. So funny. Agreed. Blair can do virtually no wrong and that gold foil dress is atrocious. I really need to get back into GG. I was an avid watcher for the first two seasons and have since fallen off the wagon.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  3. aww i love gossip girl! your post reminds me, i'm so behind in watching GG, still stuck somewhere in the middle of season 3, i soo wanna see how it goes on! ;D

    ps: i had a quick look on the internet about the paris stamp. just found recent stamps, not really vintagy. i'll go to my local post office sometime this week to see what they have. otherwise i found a cute ysl/france stamp on a letter my BF once sent me ;) i could send you this and hopefully some other/ new ones. i keep you updated!


  4. @Gaby: Hahaha, I'm sure you'll catch up in no time! First season was absolutely amazing in my opinion :) Thank you for the sweet comment!

    @Melanie: ;) Blair is perfection redefined! She's one of my all-time style icons haha. Serena could look so much better... Her hair still continues to amaze me - how is it possible to look so good in a messy ponytail at a classy ball?!

    @Summer: Ooh you should try and catch up, the season finale is next week :O Season 3 is a little bit up and down, but it definitely has picked up! Oh that's okay sweety, the YSL one sounds really good :) If there isn't anything vintagey, are there collectible stamps around? Thank you SO much! ♥


  5. I LOVE Gossip Girl so much!
    How have you been Michellebelle? It's been too long!
    Love ya xoxo


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