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So, I'm currently sat by the safety-restrained window in my Uni room, watching the seagulls milling around on the roof, 'admiring' the lame, cloudy sunset, and wondering where in the heck first year went. In just four days time, it'll all be over and I'll be back at home with my family. I can't quite believe it's all coming to an end already :( It feels like just yesterday I was fretting about having to leave my friends at home and move 100 miles away to live with people I'd never met and start a course that I wasn't sure I'd cope with.

But I've made it! Where oh where has the time gone?! I think Uni's made me a slightly smarter, lazier, more considerate and better cook of a person over the past eight months. It's surreal to think that I won't be returning to little Magellan 4A after next week, and I won't be able to complain about the loud cleaners/docks/seagulls/train/football stadium waking me from my precious sleep! It's even more surreal that in 2 years, I'll be moving out to face the wonderful world of work - eek!




  1. ahhh i'm feeling this way too right now - except i'm about to finish uni for good. it's gone SO quickly, but hopefully the best is yet to come for us both. xxx

  2. Eeek, it goes so quickly doesn't it?! I can't believe an entire year has passed and I've only just realised! All the best to you sweety :) XO

  3. I'm just about to graduate and I'm so jealous of you, makee sure you enjoy the second year the best you can and don't get bogged down with the second year blues!!

  4. Aw congratulations hun! I'm sure I will... oh no second year blues?! Hopefully I won't, but everything is so unpredictable at the moment. XO

  5. oh! i wish i could feel like you do haha but i can only think on my final exams startin june 7th and ending 29th horrible!!! aaah
    but you should think about your holidays and planning your best summer ever!!!


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