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So yesterday was another emotional experience at the cinema. For my sister's birthday, we decided to go to the cinema and see Dear John. From everyone's reviews, opinions, etc. of the film, I had already attempted to prepare myself for major spillage of tears and all that jazz. Unlike with Remember Me, which I was NOT prepared for haha!

Even so, this film was pretty amazing, and brought about a lot of tears! I hadn't read the book beforehand (I really should start doing that, I always prefer books to films!) so I wasn't sure what to expect from the storyline, but it was executed really well on film, cutting from location to location. It was so cute and romantic as well! Oh and I spent about 99.9% of the film feeling extremely jealous of Amanda Seyfried's beautifully curled hair.

The story basically tells of John and Savannah, a couple who fall in love by chance over two weeks, until John is drafted back to the army. They write adorable letters to each other over twelve months, but then things go wrong. I can't actually even express how cute this film was, although the ending was a little bit abrupt, and could have been approached in a different way. I still adore Amanda Seyfried, and Channing Tatum was so good in the film! I've never been a huge fan of him, but this may just have swayed me!

Has anyone else seen 'Dear John' yet? What were your thoughts on it?


  1. It was a sad movie with an "open" ending. Makes you think what happens next.

    The book has a really sad ending, I believe the movie could have been better if they used the book's ending.
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Ehh, I didn't really like it--and I really wanted to! I love Amanda Seyfried (and I agree that her hair was rockin') However, I was more moved by the relationship of John and his father than John and Savannah.

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  3. Love Channing, still haven't seen this but I will!

  4. it was a good thing you didnt read the book because if you woulldve you wouldve hated the movie.
    known from experience.
    i wish i wouldnt of read the book because i think i wouldve like the movie.
    glad you did!

  5. i was actually pretty disappointed in the film :( going to carry on reading the book as i've heard it's a little different and i want to see if it's better :/

    in my eyes there was a point in the film where it should of ended there and then. i didn't like the last part of it and the ending really disappointed me :(

    but i will admit i loved seeing channing tatum on thye big screen again :):) everytime he cried i was in floods of tears.. :( xx

  6. LOVETHISFILM<3 I was actually emotionally prepared for this one, but I didn't bring any damn tissues.


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