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This week, the trailer for the sixth and final season of The Hills was finally released! Even before I clicked play on the teeny tiny video, I had braced myself for 3 minutes of cringey, staged scenes from one of my favourite TV shows of all time. I must admit, I do have a love/hate relationship with The Hills. You see, I am one of those avid followers, who has always adored Lauren Conrad and her girly, summery, Californian, and sometimes naive, ways, and has watched her blossom into a designer, author, reality star from her bleach-blonde Laguna Beach days. But after season 4, it felt completely manipulated and any scene with Speidi makes me die a little inside - so fake! What kind of person calls the paparazzi and forces them upon their own wedding?!

I was actually even quite reluctant to watch the second half of season 5, when Kristin Cavalleri (Remember her? The mouthy one from season 2 who enjoyed whining "Ste-pheeeennnn" every two minutes on LB) took over from Lauren *sob* But nevertheless, Florence and I perservered and watched every episode in our cold Uni rooms, cringing at Justin Bobby's ways and the complete immaturity of Kristin... and wondering when in the heck Stacie the bartender became friends with the cast!

Season 6 looks pretty good actually. The trailer has clips from all the previous seasons - good times ;) But erm, the new season with the Steph/Kristin drama, and Heidi/Heidi's Mum scenes looks dramatic as anything! Heidi looks worse every time I see her post-surgery. The Hills was never the same without Lauren in my opinion :(

Yay or nay to season 6? Will you be watching?



  1. I might.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. P.S. am so amazed at how much we have in common :) am also studying journalism & photography & adore fashion! eep! how swell indeed! x

  3. OMG I love your blog! And I too need to be surgically removed from moi BlackBerry also :p

    Haha I am also watching The Hills with my sister! It's actually quite addictive watching that show :)

    Am following your blog xx

  4. @Marie: ;)

    @Jennifer: Aw thank you! Haha Blackberry's are so addictive, I am honestly always on it... The Hills is definitely one of my guilty pleasures :p Thank you sweety, am following yours now too!

    XOXO Michelle

  5. i'll be totally watching!!!!! i'm such a the hills addict ;) seems to be a very dramatic last season, can't wait!! but yess indeed, the hills without lauren is just not the same and it doesn't surprise me that it had to come to an end without her! anyways, we can always re- and chain-watch the old episodes :D :D

  6. I stopped watching after lauren left.. maybe i should persevere though, it was wonderfully mindless tv :)


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