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Working as a waitress and bar staff at my parents' restaurant has probably not been the most glamourous part of my life, but it's a start. How might waitressing contribute to my aspiring fashion career? I'll let you in on a secret... In the evening, the place transforms, with spotlight lighting and a plush bar, setting the scene for the dinner attire catwalk.

Restaurants are frequently treated to view all of the year's seasonal trends in the space of about five to six hours in the evening. So what is the "proper" evening meal attire?

First in the collection are the casually dressed, pram-pushing, heavy bag laden couples, who bring in their cute but loud offspring for a quick meal before the kids' bedtime. Usually, but not always, dressed in a Tesco's F&F outfit, and looking overtired, it isn't the best way to start the show. The children will almost always make up for this insignificant factor, with adorable candy pink dresses, cream tights and little shoes from Clarks, and the shirt and leather jacket combo from the boys' side.

Next up are the Sweet Sixteeners. We all know the type from MTV's My Super Bratty and Spoilt Sweet 16; rich, spoilt, usually stuck-up and dressed up to the nines. These come with a group, no, army, of short dress and skyscraper heel clad girls, all brandishing candy-colour wrapped presents and balloons and a sickeningly loud laugh. I'll give it to them, these girls are sometimes the best-dressed of the evening, Mummy and Daddy have paid out well for dresses from Topshop, New Look and other same-y looking high street retailers, and matching heels that were probably never meant for a sixteen year old, which the girl struggles to walk in. Perhaps a little overdressed for 7pm though girls?

Then we get serious. The wine is poured. Music sets the mood. Cutesy couples stroll in hand-in-hand, the guy just as well-dressed as the girl, families with older (non-screaming) children and The Elite, those with table bookings. These dress like they mean it, casual but not too casual, smart but not too smart, perfectly appropriate for the tone of the restaurant. It is around 8pm that the restaurant once again settles down into the proper atmosphere. The couples looking cute in unintentionally matching outfits, families being civilised and proper at the dinner table, and a crowd of exceptionally well-dressed and good-looking people in their function rooms.

As the clock creeps towards closing time, handfuls of extremely underdressed Uni students wander in, grabbing a quick meal before returning to their work or hurrying back to their flats to get ready for a night out. More likely the latter, speaking from experience. These rock the casual look SO well - no other group could pull off a messy pile of hair on top of the head, standard Uni hoodie and Hollister joggers. Where do they find the money for Hollister?!

Closing. The catwalk ends, and the staff breathe a sigh of relief. Another show is over. Now to prepare for the next day of Restaurant Fashion Week. The fashion world is calling, it never sleeps.



  1. I love the way you write :) Good job for people watching then? :)
    great post!

  2. totally inlove with that picture. <3333


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