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I haven't blogged properly (or been Tweeting :O) for days... I broked my laptop on Wednesday, and luckily I'd scheduled a few posts to keep my bloggy going for the weekend! I think my laptop is back to normal now, so normal posting shall resume!

I spent the weekend travelling through London to get back to Southy - nightmare! Rewarded myself with several hours in the sun though, and still didn't tan! I don't know what it is with my skin, but I never tan. Pale suits me much more :)

I'm back to Uni starting today... A nice early start for me in order to pick my options. The website was possibly the singlemost confusing thing I've encountered this year! I dithered for absolutely ages between Focus on Fashion, and Making Magazines, but ended up picking Focus on Fashion in the end. I am not looking forward to the historical and cultural modules next year *shudders* Will try harder next year!

Hope you all had lovely, relaxing, sun-filled weekends!



  1. I'm totally pale. At.All.Times. ;) Focus on Fashion is a really interesting title/topic. Best of luck!

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  2. Thanks for the update!:D

    Have a great week, Michelle!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. Hi Michelle! thanks for your comment but i have already emailed them asking why i got rejected. their reasons were because i do not do any art related subjects >.< which is such a bummer! but i got into The university of Southampton - Winchester school of art anyway ;) so im pretty pleased with that! just need to get the grades ABB! haha so its wierd finding a blogger so near, usually everyone who comments on my blog are from the US or some other place!

  4. @Melanie: I quite enjoy being pale ;) Just not luminous as I currently am haha! Thank you!

    @Marie: You're welcome sweety ;) Thought I'd explain the situation! It's a total nightmare trying to put my files all back on the laptop, finish odds & ends of Uni work and keep up with the blogging! Hope you're having a lovely week Marie :)

    @Lisa: Oh really? D: It is a bit of a bummer haha! Aww I'm sure you'll get the grades :) Good luck with the Uni selection process etc.



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