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Hola chicas! Hope you all had lovely Easter weekends and rested a lot (even though I already know many of my beautifuls went after my own heart and partied hard!)

I spent the day ill and feeling sorry for myself while slaving away once again at my Fashion & Culture essay. That beast will be the death of me I'm sure... Then I went for dinner at my Gran's house, which was lovely as per usual! Gran's going away for 3 weeks on Wednesday *sob* I won't be seeing her for over a month :( Anyway, onto the post!

Today I started watching (and got addicted to) a Korean drama series called Boys Over Flowers :) I'm constantly watching these dramas and getting way too into them and I can sense this one taking over my life again soon! But when watching it, one particular line stood out to me:

"Good shoes take you to good places."

How true is this quote girls?! Whereas most girls would count shoes as their fashion favourite, I'd say I have a love/hate relationship with them. I personally prefer handbags, of which I own over 35 of. Ooopsie. Why, you may say? I honestly have serious problems in selecting just one or two pairs to purchase when faced with displays of beautiful creations, whether at my local New Look, Kurt Geiger or just at your average Joe's shop. I will either splurge on many pairs of shoes that I never wear, walk out in annoyance that none were suitable or buy just one pair and spend the rest of my day cursing myself for wasting an opportunity.


I currently own 12 pairs of shoes. ><" *hangs head in shame* Yes, I'm a failure to fashion students everywhere.

But anyway, "good shoes take you to good places," - you wouldn't wear your Louboutins to buy bread and milk! - and I am finally converting to a shoe-luster-after. I shall leave you with these beauties to admire:

Alice in Wonderland shoes - Nicholas Kirkwood

 Miu Miu S/S 2010 Campaign
(images taken from Miu Miu website)

So ladies, are you a shoe obsessive? Or more of a handbag gal?

And if you're interested in watching Boys Over Flowers with me (please do!), shimmy your pretty self over here :) Be warned... you'll have to be patient with subtitles.



  1. Yay for shoes! Very fun :) I just wish i could walk in heals better.

  2. bags bags bags! i'm so fussy with shoes i hardly ever find ones i like! love your blog :) x

  3. i need those shoes !!!
    thier amazing
    hey supper cute blog
    love those colours

    gonna have a look through and follow
    check out mines, its new so i need all the help and tips i can get xxxxx


  4. hm, i'm pretty sure thats a spinoff quote from ms monroe's quote: 'give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.

    I own around 50 pairs. I only wear around 13 of them. =)

  5. I am inlove with shoes as I am with handbags!:D

    Cute pictures!:D Loving the 1st.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  6. @sirikotoinaspin: I love the quirkyness of the shoes in my post haha, nothing like the ones you'd see on the high street :) Oooh I can even run in heels now, practice makes perfect!

    @alexandra: Thank you so much! I'm more of handbag person too, but I'm going through a shoe phase at the moment! Miu Miu patterned heels have stolen my heart this season :O

    @Rock Georgia Roll: Thank you! Your blog is lovely too, I'm following yours now :)

    @Yin: Oh it probably is actually haha! 50 pairs? I could only dream of owning so many pairs right now... my Uni room doesn't have much storage space ><"

    @Marie: Such a good approach to love both ;) Thank you gorgeous, I adore the first pair as well - too bad they were created on commission for the Printemps store...


  7. i like your blog so much :)

    can you visit and follow my blog?

  8. Hi!:D I believe you haven't seen the blog award I gave you.

    Here's the link:

  9. Great selection lady! Although my mouth is still agape at you only owning 12 pairs of shoes! Get thee to Kurt Geiger immediately!

    Thanks for your lovely comment :) xxx

  10. @diogodantas: Thank you :)

    @Marie: Oooh thank you lovely! So sweet of you hun <3

    @Danielle: Mmm as do I! I used to love Miu Miu when I was a bit younger, had a little collection of their purses and bags, which is currently in the loft, and may be making a cheeky return to my wardrobe!

    @My New Favourite Things: Thank you :) I know, I was pretty shocked when I realised it... Shall be making another Geiger trip v.soon, don't you worry your pretty self! You're welcome, I adore your blog :)


  11. lurrrrrve those alice in wonderland shoes!!


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