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This weekend (17th & 18th April) was Retro Lush Weekend in Southampton, so I popped over for a nosey with my flatmate to see if we could pick anything amazing up. Personally, I thought that the Retro sale was a little lame, it was only a tiny table's worth of products... I can't even use "tiny table full" because that would be a complete lie! The products on offer were:

Aura Suavis Shower Gel 500g
World Peace Bath Ballistic
Bon Bomb Bath Ballistic
Fizzy O Therapy Bath Ballistic
Fairy Jasmine Bath Ballistic
Happy Bubble Bar
Two Timing Tart Bubble Bar
Aura Suavis Bubble Bar
Marziban Bubble Bar
... as well as a range of yummy smelling soaps!

But by the time we'd made it down to the store at about 1pm, most of the above was gone *sad face* I would've stocked up on bubble bars and Fairy Jasmine haha!

I ended up buying the HUGE Aura Suavis shower gel, which smells lovely - the bottle describes it as a blend of clary sage, geranium and coriander. It is so refreshing, if not a tiny bit strong... flatmates were saying they could smell my shower down the corridor!

And also: how do you lovely ladies store your Lush soaps?

I finally took to cutting my chunks of Honey I Washed The Kids and The Godmother into small chunks. It is a lot easier to take a small section into the shower, or to have by your sink, and it goes a long long way! I'm currently storing mine in tupperware boxes as you can see :)



  1. I only really have massage bars which I keep next to my bed so I use it before I go to sleep :) Lush soaps smell amazing but I don't use soap, ever. I might try just because they're so yummy!!

    I've seen people get really nice bowls though and cut them up and chuck them in there, the bowls decorate the room and their room then smells of lush :)

  2. This is the second post I've read about LUSH today! Seems kind of expensive to me, but the way the scents are explained makes me want to at very least go into the store and sniff around!

  3. Loooooove Lush!!!:D I cut mine too and put it in a silver dish. I'll post it on my blog soon.:D

    Enjoy your Lush goodies, Michelle!:D

    Happy Tuesday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. i keep all mine in a jar, whole, if they'll fit. or i might have to cut them smaller to get them in. but i just cut off chunks of whichever one i'd like to use.
    ha, it's so nice. every time i open the jar, the scents just all hit you in the face at once. x)


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