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I'm scarily nearing the end of my first year of Uni! Relieved as I am that I've survived a year of living "on my own" and working away at my Uni assignments with no motivation coming from my brother (we used to motivate each other in stupid ways) and Mum, I'm also a bit sad to leave the madness of fresher year behind. I've also changed my second year optional unit since I last blogged in relation to Uni, and will now be taking (fingers crossed!) Fashion & Styling, as well as my core modules in Magazine Photography, What's the Story?, Fashion and Cultural Influence, and Magazines & Markets. It should be a packed year!

Anyway, today I went on a mini Primark spree to spend the remainder of what I earnt over the Easter :) For readers who don't live in England, Primark is a cheap high street clothing store who sell okay-but-not-amazing-quality clothes. A one-stop shopping point for students! I was actually in there to pick up some sundresses and playsuits for the summer, but ended up with completely different items...

  • Coral double-layered skirt - £5
  • Black rattan straw bag - £6
  • Tan plait skinny belt - £1
  • Vintage red chain belt - £2 (this made me laugh... vintage in Primark?!)
  • Sheer grey spot tights - £2

  • My favourite buy was probably the little black rattan straw bag. It was the most expensive piece at £6, but it looks so adorable, and £6 is hardly extravagant! Has anyone else picked up some pretty bargains in Primark recently?



    1. love the skirt :)
      almost bought it myself :)


    2. It's adorable for the summer isn't it?! Can probably dress it up for the day, or dress it right down for the beach :) XO

    3. Ahh i have that brown plait belt, its quite cute :)and for a £1 i couldn't say no really haha.

      I really need a fresh style of clothes for my wardrobe, but the Primark here is rather bad ahha.

    4. super cute purchases you have there! :D makes me wanna go shop too! (maybe tomorrow after work ;)

    5. that bag is cute for nights out :) I really need to have a good rummage around primark!

    6. That is a cute straw bag!:D I like!:D
      ...and everything girly under the sun!

    7. got a button down floral skirt, brown thin belt & coral cardigan for a fiver! i thought that was amazing!xxx


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