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Sunday. Um. I have never been so bored in my entire life. Fact. Which is why I've done this to my nails tonight:

L-R: Barry M: 262 (Bright Red), 279 (Bright Pink), 276 (Mulberry Pink), 119 (Baby Pink), 282 (French Polish), 54 (Base)

The sad part is the fact that this is about a quarter of my Barry M collection. Cheap as chips, funnily enough of which none appear to arise after 4-5 days of nail varnish wearing with these babies, I honestly can't resist a good ol' Barry M nail paint!

Ins & Outs #5

♥ Finishing about 97.5% of my Uni work - three weeks in advance! Thus leaving me with ample spare time to laze about in the parks in Southampton, shop/window shop to my heart's content, read blogs and be on top of them for once, nap and generally do whatever the heck I want.

♥ Receiving a £10 grab bag at Lush yesterday, which contained 2 large chunks of Bohemian and Vanilla in the Mist soaps, and an Easter bath ballistic. Good times overall!

♥ My Mumma is such a darling; she's been ringing me daily to make sure I'm okay because she knows how 'meh' I feel about living in the flat sometimes :) I love our phonecalls so so much! And, almost all of our phonecalls last for 11 minutes and 11 seconds :O

♥ Spontaneous day trip to Bournemouth with Heather! Definitely our best random idea since Uni started... This almost beats S Club night! It was so sunny and warm there yesterday as well, absolutely beautiful :) We even bought stick rock, ice-creams and attempted to brave the fuh-reezing cold sea for photographs.

♥ BBQs and picnics with the girls almost every day of this week after seminars and lectures has been fun :) I was extremely proud of not giving myself food poisoning after our little park BBQ sesh on Wednesday! Also: toasted marshmallows are the nommiest thing ever, always one of my favourite things in the summer.

♥ Being madeover in Benefit! Yay!

♥ Constant, persistant moaning. I will not go into details :) 'Tis nothing to do with my lovely blogging chicas, don't worry!

♥ Lack of money. This is constantly going to be an 'out' until I graduate, most likely.

♥ Lack of motivation. You seriously do not even want to see the state of this bedroom! It is gross. On the bright side, it smells deelish and of Lush ;D

♥ Feeling nostalgic for much better times from early last year and late 2008. No more shall be said on this either...

Hope you've all had lovely weekends!



  1. haha great nails chick!
    I know all about the lack of money! It really does suck!

  2. love ittt :) i'm upset i don't have some of those pinks though! xx

  3. Barry M gallore:D
    I have £0.00 sad times.

  4. Oooh I love the nails! And congrats for nearly finishing all your uni work, very impressive! I finished all of mine at 5am on the day it was due in... not proud of that! xx

  5. @Emma Jade: Thank you ;) I am honestly keeping my rainbow nails until they're ridiculously chipped! Hmph, lack of money is not good... I really should have found myself a job for this semester haha! Hope all is well with you beautiful :) XO

    @alexandra: Thank you! Ooh I have almost all of the pinks now ;) Try and nab a Mulberry Pink soon if you can... I've heard that it's being discontinued! I would honestly recommend all of the colours I used in this post ;D

    @Sarah: Thank you chick :D I'm nerdishly organised therefore I get panicky and stressed if my work isn't done well before deadline! And on top of that, I have a 5-hour Uni timetable... which means I feel even more guilty if I don't do all that 'personal study' that is recommended! Ooh I know that feeling :p Pulling all-nighters and carrying on in the morning, and practically running to the hand-in hatch in my 4pm... :') Good times..

    @Lauren: I love my Barry M nail paints ♥ Ooft, sad times indeed honey :(


  6. Love your gradient nail polish. It actually looks really fresh! New trend alert? Yes, pelase.

    xo, UnravelledThreads

    Don't forget to enter my cumstom elastic waistband skirt giveaway!

  7. love how you painted your nails :)
    oh and your new blog header is really pretty!
    have a nice & sunny day!

  8. "♥ Feeling nostalgic for much better times from early last year and late 2008. No more shall be said on this either..."

    Obviously because you miss me! x

  9. The Mulberry Pink looks pretty D: I'm gonna have to get (:


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