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What happens when... 3 girls, 3 wishlists, a student loan and copious amounts of coffee are let loose in London!

So yesterday, Sharon, Selina & I took a trip to London in search of pretty things and ventured all around London for things to waste money on. We didn't actually buy that much considering the amount of places we ended up in but hey ho! we had a good time anyway :) I don't think I've ever had a shopping trip to London where I've returned with quite a bit of money leftover haha.

I'm not going to talk for ages about all the places we went to... but the places we did visit were, Westfield Shopping Centre in White City, Oxford Street (Obviously! Although we spent more time in Starbucks than shopping lol), Covent Garden and Chinatown/Leicester Square.

And now for my pretty purchases:

  • Bird and flower photo peg chain - Sass & Belle - £7.95
  • Swan ring - Topshop - £7
  • Pale mint green crinkle lace top - Topshop - £28
  • Revlon Matte lipstick in 001 Nude Attitude - Boots - £5.29 (with voucher discount)
  • BB Seaweed Fresh Facemask - Lush - £4.95
 (click to enlarge images for more detail if you wish!)



  1. Love that lacy top and swan ring -- they're so pretty!

    Unravelled Threads

  2. Hehe how I miss having a student loan to blow - looks like you had a great time!

  3. the top is gorge! And BB Seaweed is amazing,that's the one I got from their head,shoulders,knees and toes pack.Beaut :)

  4. bb seaweed is great i really love using that mask :):) xx

  5. lovely top. :) i thought it was a dress at first glance, haha. your hangers are so cuute! >3<

    and the sass and belle chain thing, making me want to go there even more! x

  6. @Melanie, Pink Flower, Natasha, Abby: Thank you for your comments! Used BB Seaweed last night and it was so softening and moisturising :O Now it'll be hard to pick between that and Catastrophe Cosmetic for next time...

    @Chloe: I'm wearing the top today and I'm such a titch, it practically is a dress! I'm wearing it with a camisole and leggings ;) Ooh you should when you get a chance! Not sure where the other stores are though haha ><"

  7. aaw, haha. i'm about 5"3, so the inbetweeny height of- i can usually get long shirts to work as dresses, otherwise they're very short and i feel naked, so it doesn't work, haha.

    as far as i can see there's only a sass and belle in london, but their website isn't up. :( still, i'll probably end up going this summer with my sister and some friends, ee. :):)

  8. Haha! I usually wear long vests with leggings instead of jeans, because are literally so long on me, I'm only 5"1 ^____^" Zara have long shirts that I wear as "dresses" (: Ah nice - there are 2 Sass and Belle's in Covent Garden ;)

  9. i'll tend to wear any length, just if it's tooo short, have a skirt and tights or something. don't like to wear jeans, haha. and i've actually not worn leggings since being about 7.. i should try them sometime. x)


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