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My little bloggy has been Lush deprived for a while now hasn't it? My Lush posts and reviews seem to be quite popular on here, so I bring you another one, this time in the form of a haul ;) This morning, I received a pretty package from the Lush factory, which I'd ordered just before Easter, I would believe. So here is my little collection of new goodies:

 (click any image to enlarge for more detail if needed)
  • American Cream conditioner
  • The Comforter solid perfume
  • Soft solid shampoo bar
  • Bathos bubble bar (missing the B pattern *sob*)
  • Pop in the Bath bubble bar
  • Fairy Jasmine bath ballistic (has tiny glitter particles in it :D)
  • Fluffy Ballistic Egg limited edition Easter bath ballistic
The lovely people at Lush also sent me a freebie! This came in the form of Volcano Foot Mask and Scrub, which I shall review shortly along with the other prods!

I totally forgot to order my facemask :O And I should have bought another soap... But that'll be on my list for my next order :) Thoughts on these products?



  1. i nneedd to go to lush.
    the stuff looks so fun and cute!

  2. Great buys!:D

    I wish we had Volcano here in the US. Maybe I should order from the UK site.

    Have a lovely week!:D And get well soon too!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. I tried American Cream and it worked really well for a while and then stopped working :(
    I just don't get on with Lush hair products!
    The Butterball bath bomb is amazing, it's like the most moisturising thing ever x

  4. @julianne: Oh you definitely have to! The stores are always laid out with piles of colourful products haha. Everything smells amazing as well :)

    @Marie: Thank you :D I'll be reviewing Volcano as soon as possible, I didn't realise some products were exclusive to each country :O You too lovely!

    @Mhairi: Oh no really? My friend said it was "amazing" so I just had to buy one to try it out, hopefully it doesn't stop working :S Ah I know, it's amazing! :)


  5. Still haven't used the Fluffy Egg but it smells amazingggg. <3

  6. It smells like Snow Fairy, I am led to believe? It does smell beautiful, currently sat next to my bed making my room smell laaaavely! XOXO

  7. I am allergic to lanolin and unfortunately all of their conditioners (with the exception of veganese) have lanolin in, it makes me sad :(

    Amy x

  8. Oh noo! Have you tried their shampoos? Am in love with Big... not sure if that contains lanolin as well :S But it smells yummy and makes your hair extremely soft even w/o conditioner ;)

    xx Michelle


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