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As you all may well know, my bedroom at home has recently undergone a pretty makeover, courtesy of my lovely mother :) I don't know about you, but my Mum, my sister and I are quite big on our interiors and decoration kind of thing. My sister, who is only 14, is looking to become an interior designer, and I just love the thought of having my own flat or house soon and decking it out in pretty things!

Anyway... my room is beautiful now :D We decided on a vintage, ethereal, princessy, shabby chic theme, which came out perfect, but my room is still quite plain now. And this leads me onto the next thing and point of this post (sorry, I can't help but ramble sometimes)!

While on my little London Fashion Week adventure with Tasha way back in February, we "discovered" an adorable little shop in Covent Garden, London called Sass and Belle. I don't know if any of you lovely ladies have come across this little gem before, but I am recommending it to you now!

Basically, their store is full of little gems from RJB Stone, who are wholesalers in interior decor and giftware. This is one of my favourite places to spend an hour or so, because it is packed full of amazing things! I adore their little collections, such as: Hearts, Union Jack, Owls, Apples and Enchanted Forest. Needless to say, I am definitely purchasing a whole host of these goodies on my trip to London on Monday =D

As well as Sass and Belle, the little market area in Covent Garden has plenty of stalls that stock little trinkets and treasures for your rooms ;) Happy hauling ladies - remember to post a link to show me your purchases!

Click here to see their goodies! I don't think you can order online unless you're purchasing in bulk... and lovely as their products are, I doubt you'll be wanting 500 cushions for your room ;)

I'll shall be posting another interiors postie very soon, which will include photographs of my room at the moment :O, so watch this space =D

Does anyone have a shabby chic bedroom? Care to share some shopping spots, tips & tricks?



  1. I love this sort of design :) I'd love a room like this!! xox

  2. let's go sass & belle whilst we're in london then ;)

  3. @Kim: I love shabby chic :) I have big big plans for my flat or house when I move out haha!

    @Sharon: I was going to drag you both there with me lol We can make a sneaky trip to Covent Garden right?! :p I'm also going to drag you to Lush so you can try out their face masks :D


  4. My bedroom at my parents was very shabby chic. Then I moved out with my boyfriend and unfortunately renting a place means no major decorating! But I try to buy lots of accessories to make the most of each room.

    I love those LOVE pillows x

  5. Aww that's a shame that you can't make major changes :( I'll be renting a house in July 2011 for my third year of Uni and I'm gutted that I can't decorate it 'properly' but once I get my own proper place, oh ho, all my money will be gone on decorating :') So do I! I might have to do some DIY-ing on some plain pillowcases :D


  6. this is super sweet. i adore all those little vintage english looking things. :)
    looove those hatboxes. i've got a think about pretty boxes, and those are just lovely. :)

    i extremely want to convince some friends to go with me to london now, so we can see that shop you mentioned. :3
    may have to wait and be a summer thing. eee.

  7. try ;) and obviously, you know of my fabulous wallpaper! :) Andddd you could buy some nice Cath kidston things :)


  8. @Chloe: I love the vintagey look :) I adore nice storage boxes as well, I have some lovely shabby chic ones in my room at the moment. Eee you so should! It's quite easy to find, just down the stairs in the Covent Garden market bit :)

    @Amelia: Ooh just had a look on there - I likey ;) Andddd, I am SO trekking across the South Coast for Cath Kidston goodies, although I'll probably end up at their outlet store in Bicester - much cheaper :D



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