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Ins & Outs #4

♥ The beautiful English summer *cough* But seriously, this week has been absolutely beautimous, I am sure my British followers will agree :) I've indulged in many a walk and general enjoyment of the sun. I also discovered an adorable farm on the outskirts of the town (I live right on the edge of my town) which I may pay a geeky little visit to soon! Good times.

 ♥ Boots offers galore! 3 for 2 on skincare (I think) - I went in to Boots to pick up another make-up remover and face toner, and got myself some free cleansing wipes, which are perfect for the summer and for using on the go to sort out cakey make-up and/or smudges of eye make-up. Also received a £2 off Revlon and No 7 cosmetics voucher.

♥ Saw 'Remember Me' with Sharon on Wednesday with pretty low expectations of the film and ended up absolutely loving it. Was pretty emotional towards the end, but you know me, I can't through a film without tearing up at some point. Definitely buying this on DVD.

♥ Went shopping with the muv on Thursday in search of jeans. I hate jeans shopping... but she also purchased a gorgeous top for me in River Island. I adoreee the Bank of Mum haha.

♥ I'm going to London for shopping & sushi with Sharon and Selina tomorrow! Haven't been to London in about 3 or 4 weeks now, so it'll be good to spend some time in the City, and hopefully sun! Excited to visit Sass and Belle (read my post about it here), and go for a real splurge.

♥ My yummy student loan arrived early! Perfect for London tomorrow I would believe ;)

♥ Having to work until silly o'clock on two of the prettiest looking days this week killed me. I obviously love clearing away dirty dishes and dealing with rude customers...

♥ My ridiculous cold. It's actually gone now, but it's been annoying me all week.

♥ Lack of motivation. I could easily waste entire days in bed at the moment. Gimme a book and my iPod and I could camp out there for days without food or water. Well, maybe a little water.

♥ I'm so pale :( Not pale as in not-tanned, although I'm that as well. But it's TTOM and I look like a Cullen. My Mum remarks that I look like I'm "ready to drop dead" at the moment! Not good...


  1. Yes agreed! Lovely weather,
    I love love loveeeee it.
    & yays for shopping!

  2. I totally agree with you about the sunshine - it's been to great to be able to sit outside and just enjoy the sunshine for once! It's lovely, i'm just wishing it holds out for the summer!

  3. I want to see 'remember me' sooo bad!

    cute post!

  4. ooo have fun in london! &glad your cold's gone lovely :)

  5. Loving your ins and outs.:D

    Enjoy London!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  6. The weekend has been lovely :D

    Have a nice day tomorrow :)

  7. Hi! Hope you had a nice weekend! I just came across your blog... looks great! I want to see Remember Me, too!

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