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Hola chicas ;D Thought I would post a selection of my favourite fashion and beauty blogs for you to check out and follow while we're halfway through the week! This week has flown past like crazy for me, I don't know about you... Hopefully no-one has been too affected by the volcanic ash cloud over the UK. I know some people who can't fly back until May, which is crazy! Onto my favourites then!

♥ Zoe @ Zoella
I'm not going to lie, Zoe's blog is probably the blog that made me think of starting my own. If you haven't read her blog, then where have you been?! She's so lovely and sweet, and sends some of the funniest Tweets! I love reading Zoe's Lush reviews, car boot sale hauls and lippie posts, obviously amongst all of her other posts, which range from fashion and blog tags to interiors. Definitely worth a read - you'll be addicted in no time :)

♥ Abbie @ AbbieBabby
I only recently discovered Abbie's blog, but I'm quite glad I stumbled upon this one! Again, Abbie's blog is full of make-up product reviews and her recommendations, which I love reading because I'm the type of person who needs about 5 'second opinions' before I can settle on purchasing something ;) Her make-up always looks flawless. Gah, jealous :3

♥ Annabel @ blushingambition
Another blog I stumbled upon recently. I think what drew me to this blog is the amazing quality of Annabel's self-taken photographs :O They are quite simply perfect! I love blogs that use large, good quality photos, I'm not quite sure why. Anyway, enough of my weirdness... Annabel blogs about a mixture of food recommendations (just reading a post is enough to make me hungry :p) and fashion posts.

♥ Emma @ oh emma
I love Emma's blog - she has amazing style and the best vintage pieces ever. End of. Get following or you'll be missing out!

♥ Lauren @ Paris Boutique
I am honestly never going to stop reading Lauren's blog :) Lauren was my 4th or 5th ever follower and really helped me get on my feet and get a bit more confident with blogging! She posts a huge array of posts, from reviews and recommendations to hauls and posts about her adorable daughter :)

♥ Charlotte @ Unicorn Candles
I started following this blog today, and I'm not quite sure what it is about this blog that makes me want to keep reading more. She posts a lot of pretty photos, and has a lovely writing style. I do enjoy reading this a LOT.

♥ Milly @ Pearls and Poodles
Like Lauren, Milly was one of my first followers and helped me gain a lot more by helping me get more confident in this whole shebang. Her blog is the cutest thing ever! She Tweets the most lovely messages and is such a sweetheart :)

Another blog with beautiful quality photographs. I absolutely love this blog because every time I read it, I discover something or somewhere new :) Her writing style is great, and so addictive... I can already predict you lovelies will spend hours reading this, just as I have done!

I'll be posting some more of my favourite blogs v.soon! Send me your blog links; there's always room for new blogs to read in my life ;D And finally: thank you for helping me reach 140 followers :O When the heck did that happen?!



  1. Beautiful post, I <3 your blog too!!

  2. Thanks so much for this post. I love finding blogs through these things. I think a favorite blog(s) post should be a necessity in the blog world. What better way to find awesome blogs?

  3. Started reading this and then I was like
    Thanks sooooooooo much really brought a smile to my face :D
    Love your blog two ;D xx

  4. You have put a massssive smile on my face! :D
    Thats so sweet, you know I love your blog, im so proud on how far youve come,your a great blog writer, I really do enjoy reading all your posts too. Thanks for this lovely :) ly x x x

  5. @Rosie and Melanie: Thank you for the lovely comments :)!

    @Abbie and Lauren: You're welcome! Love your blogs!


  6. aww this is a nice idea for a blog post! i'm just about to check out all these blogs (i'm sure i'm gonna follow a bunch of them too, when i'm not already doing so like lauren's or milly's :)
    & btw, take a look at this blog: (it's the first ever fashion blog i started reading and it's one of my absolute favorites!)
    xo♥ & lalalove your blog!!

  7. Wow @ My New Favourite Thing - she looks like an ASOS model!

  8. @Summer: Thank you! Oh I'll have a look in a minute sweety :)

    @Holly: I know right?! :3 Jealousss...

  9. you are just the sweetest! I'm so touched by your lovely words - it's always great to know people are enjoying what you're putting out there! You've made my Sunday :) xxx


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