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One of my assignments for Uni this semester was to write a 500-word blog. So now that I'm ready to hand in, I thought I'd post it on here! The brief was to write a blog in an online style, and provide media considerations. Enjoy!

I'm sure you'll all familiar with this important date by now, and if not: where have you been hiding?! Three months into 2010 brings an impressive Alice in Wonderland revival in the form of Tim Burton and Disney's quirky-cool take on the classic childhood story.

With clothing lines both on the catwalk and high street, jewellery lines selling out quicker than you can scream “Off with her head!”, and an overwhelming influx in Wonderland merchandise, expectations are high as I finally sit in the crowded Cineworld cinema, sweet popcorn in one hand, overpriced soft drink in the other and a teacup necklace strung around my neck.

Never has a film gained such a following; merchandise now includes a Mad Hatter’s hat and wig (available to purchase at Claire’s Accessories), a range of tops at Miss Selfridge, make-up palettes and designer collections, widening the target audience to... well, everyone.

I must admit, I have completely fallen for the beautiful Wonderland theme. In the past month, I have obsessively bought or coveted jewellery with teacups, hearts, playing card or rabbit charms dangling from them. I have lusted over the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows. I’ve even stood in front of the Printemps store on Boulevard Haussman in Paris, admiring the exquisite heels exclusively created by Nicholas Kirkwood for their Alice in Wonderland window display.

Much of the focus was placed on Burton, having directed many dark, quirky and original films, and the audience’s curiosity into Burton’s collaboration with Disney elevated as Alice in Wonderland 3D was released in the UK on 5 March 2010.

As the lights dim and people shuffle in their seats, a lilting soundtrack provided by Danny Elfman (a regular collaborator with Burton) garners much tittering and excitement in the crowded cinema. And so I fell down the Rabbit Hole...

After a slow opening, (I must admit, I’d unrealistically been expecting a whale of imagination to be crammed in the first few minutes of the film, which focuses on a 19-year-old Alice’s engagement) the film was a perfectly eccentric take on the classic tale. It even made me feel slightly sad that I would never be able to fall down, or fit into, a Rabbit Hole to take me to Wonderland. The star-studded cast, brimming with talent, speedily got the film on its footing, with the amazing Jabberwocky battle scene and gothic forest imagery as would only be expected from a Tim Burton masterpiece. Bringing a new lease of life to the timeless tale, Burton also allows the audience’s imagination to run wild, especially with the crazy and quirky Mad Hatter, played admirably by Johnny Depp, by far the most interesting character.

Tim Burton is known for his uncanny ability to uncover new possibilities with projects. It comes as no surprise that Burton’s latest masterpiece stars actors and actresses who frequently collaborate with him, such as Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Alan Rickman.

Verdict? It is hard to believe that Lewis Carroll penned this extraordinarily fabulous tale over a hundred years ago. Burton has revamped every last detail of this story to a perfect finish, creating an unforgettable cinematic experience. Mia Wasikowska gives a flawless performance as a grown-up Alice – I can’t wait to see more of her work! I think it’s safe to say that Alice in Wonderland 3D was worth every penny... even if it doesn’t pay for entry to Wonderland itself. So come on then: you’re late for tea!



  1. great article, love your writings!!
    can't wait to finally see Alice in Wonderland, going to watch it in 3D with my sis & mom when i'm home for easter, yayy :)

  2. I swear you've posted this before :p


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