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While on my annual (duh, it has to be annual :p) birthday shopping trip with Mum, I came across the most beautiful Book of Charms in Oasis.

For my birthday last year, a friend bought me an empty charm bracelet and a singular charm to add on it. Over the year, I'd completely forgotten about it in favour of the various charm bracelets that I've purchased, which already come adorned with charms.

So while on my birthday trip at Westfield London, Mum and I had our eye out for charms to add on my lonely forgotten one, and Oasis had the most perfect set ever:

Although it is a necklace, I would have placed some of the 12 charms on my bracelet, and the others on the necklace to create a matching set.

The 12 charms include:
  • All Fall Down - a dainty little leaf
  • Note to Self - a tiny notebook
  • Early Bird - a sparrow/magpie/bird? Haha, noob ^____^"
  • Storm in a Teacup - a teacup
  • Queen of Hearts - a simple heart
  • Love Letter - just what its' name suggests ;)
  • I'm A Little Teapot - 5 guesses?!
  • Let's Dance - a flamingo
  • Take a Seat - minature chair
  • Dragonfly
  • All a Flutter - a gold butterfly
  • Gold Rush - I think this is just a gold leaf charm with a pink sphere?

The charms were all reminscent of an Alice in Wonderland theme, as has everything recently! The only downside was that the Book, which came ribbon-bound and presented in an illustrated book-shaped box, was £85, and I couldn't let my Mum splash out on that for me!

What's on your wishlist at the moment?


  1. Charm bracelets seem all the rage at the moment and I think people forget that they have been around so long, yet a couple of years ago people would have thought they were old fashioned. I think they are very cute though.

    I'm dreaming of owning a heart shaped locket, not too sure why I just have the urge for one :D

    Have a nice weekend

  2. awww that is so cute! lol alice in wonderland themed things are everywhere!!!

    a pair of Lady Gaga tickets is on my wishlist but I will never get them! x

  3. @Pink Flower: I know, I love all the different charm bracelets you find in vintage/charity stores :) A heart-shaped locket would be so adorable, I went shopping today and saw so many lockets and watch-necklaces :3 You too sweety! x

    @Jane: I know, I absolutely love it! Oooh Gaga tickets would be so beautiful, I'd love to see her live :O


  4. I saw this in a magazine a while ago, it's so pretty! Although it's expensive, it's basically 12 necklaces for that price... which works out at like £7 each! Bargain!

    (And maybe it'll go in the sale...)


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