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Been slacking a little bit on the ol' blogging, I'm sorry ><" I've been busy with Uni work and other such things that get in the way of my spare time... The Easter break is coming up though, so expect lots of pretty things to read, etc. then!

I suffer from rough skin on my upper arms which needs a LOT of exfoliating on a regular basis. Having just run out of my FCUK Sugarscrub (which smells yummy and vanillary but leaves my skin greasy), I decided to give this a whirl.

Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub
£2.60 - 100g

Everyone complains that this scrub hurts like a bitch when you use this product, but if you crush the scrub, the 'pain' is actually quite bearable. I like to cut my Lush sugar scrubs up into two or three chunks to get maximum use out of it.

Personally, I prefer the green sugar scrub to this product. The only real difference with Sugar Babe is that it was supposed to be more perfumed, had coconut oil in the middle and was also meant to be more moisturising.

Problems? It didn't smell particularly yummy as expected, and the smell doesn't last either. The coconut oil in the middle honestly made no difference to the product at all, and it didn't feel moisturising.

Having said that, it did exfoliate and scrub the rough skin (sexaaay, I know!) away really well, so plus points on the practical side ;) I don't think I'll be purchasing this again, perhaps I'll stick to the green sugar scrub!



  1. I wanted to give you this award thingy:) so here is the link :

    thanks for the review too:D

  2. Aw thank you SO much! :O Yay! And you're welcome sweety :) XOXO


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